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  • Rozelen Georges - Enjoyed it very muchI have previously read Count of Monte Cristo a while back, so seeing this version I was a bit hesitant to read. I liked the first version I had read and was not sure how this would compare. Then, my friend also recommended the book so I though "what the heck, I'll give it a shot." I am really glad I read it. Being in law school and not having enough time, I have to be selective of the books I read. I have to make sure this was a good book. I heard good thing about it so I gave it a shot. Anyway, I enjoyed every bit of the book. It is a captivating story and I enjoyed it very much.

    Every page of the book is good and makes the story richer. I really enjoyed this writer's writing style. It captures and retells the story in somewhat similar ways as the original, but at the same time has its distinctive way of telling it. The story will keep you interested a there are many plot twisters, along with some humor in there. If you like Sherlock Holmes books, you are sure to enjoy this one!

    I recommended this book to my sister. She will be reading it as soon as she is done with her current book.
  • Sheila Reimer - Thanks!The book arrived in great shape! I would recommend this book to anyone looking into a profession as a medical coder!