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  • Nan-a - Excellent readEven knowing how the story ends (with Anne Boleyn losing her head) I couldn't put this book down. It was a much easier read than "Wolf Hall", but I'm glad I read that one first, to feel comfortable with Hilary Mantel's writing style. I would recommend these books to anyone who loves quality historical fiction.
  • kimberly piccolo "kimberly piccolo" - Perfect!A woman in Texas can never tell what the day might hold. She may need to run in out of the rain, or jump over a fire ant pile, or stand and explain to a bunch of old white men why they have no business telling women what they need to do with their own bodies. These colorful lightweight shoes are just what the doctor ordered.

    This shoes have an excellent arch support and a well cushioned heel. This will be helpful when we have to dig in our heels to have our voices heard here in Texas.

    They are light weight with a breathable upper which will be helpful when stopping on tea parties.......

    They are now the iconic shoe of the pro choice movement here in Texas. I hope they are paying Wendy a royalty.....
  • Joshua Musgrave - Best acne treatment ever!I've been an avid fan of Proactiv for about 11 or 12 years now. I remember initially buying it because I'd seen the commercials so often (late night infomercials back then), and the testimonials were rather convincing. It wasn't my first time buying something off TV, so I thought I'd give it a shot since I really needed something to combat my depressing acne situation and I'd had nothing but great experiences with other TV products I'd invested in (i.e. the Total Gym). Up til then, I'd tried so many over the counter acne products with little to no results. Years of disappointment. Needless to say, I was prepared to be disappointed yet again, but was hopeful since TV products tended to be very good. Within just 2 weeks of using the normal Proactiv system, my skin cleared up in a way I'd never experienced in my life!!! I couldn't believe how effective it was!! My days of acne were over!! It felt so good to finally be free! Eventually, though, I had to stop using Proactiv because I moved out of the country and it wasn't really available outside the US. So, acne problems eventually re-surfaced. As Proactiv will tell you, acne does not just go away, especially for those that suffer from adult acne. It's always there. It's a malfunction, almost disease, of the skin. Your skin will always want to have acne. You just have to continually fight and win every battle. Proactiv is the army to do it, and makes it easy too. Well, I've just recently moved back to the US, and the first thing I did was order Proactiv. Again, just the simple 3 step system. It was like coming back to an old, tried and true, trusted friend. Within just a couple of weeks, my skin had almost totally cleared up, and has been clear since (going on 6 weeks now). It still astounds me how great this product is. I feel like a normal person again. Oh! I forgot! I actually did begin using the Dark Spot Corrector too. Amazing results!! Proactiv is hands down the BEST product I've ever invested in and will continue to invest in no matter what. Though it is expensive, it is a highly effective product with amazing lasting results. It is money VERY well spent. And now, you can pay in installments, which is really cool, not to mention they now have Proactiv kiosks going up in various malls all over the country, which means you can just run out and get some in a pinch if you need. So, if you suffer from acne in any way, get this product! I cannot stress that enough! Even if you have to work overtime or something to pay for it. You won't be sorry! It is the answer to an acne sufferers dreams.
  • Masao Vrlec - AMAZING PRODUCTI have permanently swollen tonsils which cause me to have extremely bad breath. I've tried a lot of different mouthwashes over the years, none have worked very well. Oftentimes I have to wake up in the middle of the night to rinse my mouth and gargle with water because otherwise the taste in my mouth keeps me from falling back to sleep.

    Therabreath is AMAZING stuff. I can go to bed, sleep for 8 hours, wake up and not have morning breath! If you struggle with bad breath you need to give this stuff a shot!