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  • Rabidranath - An Informative and Interesting ReadIn all honesty I would probably have rated this book with four stars instead of five -- but the number of one star ratings (which seem inordinately negative to me) prompted me to add the extra star to help even the keel, as it were.

    I had never read any book about Salinger before, so what is in this book was all new to me -- and I found it fascinating. Although, admittedly, it felt like a "driving slowly by a traffic accident" sort of interest at times -- specifically during the passages dealing with Salinger's numerous affairs and/or marriages.

    I have been a voracious reader for decades, and I'm here to tell you that it is the rare biography that will grab a hold of me like this one did -- but then I'm a WW II history buff, and have studied Eastern religions for many years, and I love to write; so there was much in this book to appeal to me and keep my interest.

    The section on the relationship between "Catcher in the Rye" and examples of cultural violence, the descriptions of writing as a craft and art, and the many references to, and explanations of, Holden Caulfield's character, are elements that I found to be interesting as well.

    Perhaps for the long-time Salinger aficionado this book might seem old hat, but for someone such as myself, who has scant knowledge of J.D. Salinger, it is an interesting and informative read.
  • Nancy C. Thornburg - I love the tabletBut I've had some interesting interactions with tech support. One told me I couldn't download the Kies program because I have a 64 bit computer. The next tech said I could, too, download it but why bother anyway? One tech gave me a very convoluted approach to transferring photos and music from my PC to the tablet which involved going out and buying a microchip and using it as the "go between". The next tech showed me how to "drag and drop" photos and music from the PC to the table. So clearly Samsung needs to improve its tech support training. But otherwise I love the tablet.
  • M. Barnett - Amazing KnifeI am a military service member and I was looking for a tough, multi-use knife with a little heft to it so as to balance out the other side of my shoulder holster. This knife completely blew me away when I got it. It is extremely rugged and feels great in the hand. The thickness of the blade adds weight to any swing and makes it an effective, sturdy wedge or prybar in a pinch. The edge is extremely sharp: I have cut 550 cord simply with the weight of the knife, hacked up a 2x4 with a dozen good chops, and stripped wire with the serrations. I have the knife strapped in a hilt-down carry position under my off-hand and the sheath's lock mechanism holds it fairly securely. I did fashion a sort of lock out of 550 cord to hold it in for sure, but most people won't need it for the kinds of activities they do.

    The only downside to this knife was mentioned in another review: the glass-breaker. It frequently digs into my side when I lean over and has left me a couple nice gouges. It is an unnecessary addition: the weight of the blade combined with the multiple edges would be more than suffiecient to break any glass.

    In any event, I am incredibly happy with my purchase and everyone who has seen it has been impressed by it. Anyone looking for a sturdy, multi-use knife need look no further. Oh, and it looks wicked as well =)
  • BeckBeck "dandb97" - Excellent productI got the chillow a couple of weeks ago, and it has completely cured my insomnia. Something about the cooling effect knocks me out immediately. Chillow works exactly how it claims to. I followed the instructions exactly and the product has delivered fantastically. I have not had any issues with the chillow bunching up, or with the smell as other reviewers have mentioned. It does not smell or bunch up at all and it stays icy cold for many hours. My favorite part about the chillow is that it gets very cold even without being in the fridge. I simply remove the chillow from the pillow case and stick it in front of the fan for a couple of minutes, and it gets extremely cold. It is especially soothing when I have a headache or am feeling stressed. I am a huge chillow fan and am planning on buying several additional ones to give as gifts. Overall, I highly recommend this product.