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  • cherry wood shopper - Great road bikeI bought this bike, over the podium 1, for the better Shimano Tiagra gears for my Triathlon. I had the bike assembled from a local bike shop rather than try to put together myself, being so close to my Triathlon, so I cannot make any comments of assembly. When I picked up the bike I noticed how lightweight it was. For the size, a 56cm, it was as light as my girlfriends women's size Jamis. The bike looks very nice and sleek which I was impressed with (if looks are a factor for you). My first test ride went great no problems and was very fast I felt (at least to lugging my mountain bike on my prior Triathlon). Next ride was actual day of my triathlon. So let me say I'm a newbie and just started biking but I seemed to have no problem keeping up or passing most of those on the bike course. I'm putting that on equipment, definitely not me! I noticed especially on the uphills the gears worked very well over some of the more pricey tri bikes. The straightaways some of the hardcore tri guys passed me up, but overall I felt this was a very respectable road bike. If your looking for an entry level tri bike that won't break the bank you will definitely be pleased with the performance for the price. I'm always looking to get out and ride again to get faster and would definitely recommend this bike. I have about only 40 miles so far and not a single problem. Happy riding!
  • Namae - Great ProductBought this for my daughter to introduce her to sketching on the computer. Also, bought a Wacom tablet in conjunction with this software. She loves it! She loves drawing manga and everything appears to be within easy reach.

    Thanks for a great product!
  • Molly Barist-Tanenbaum - Super fun!This nail polish is pretty awesome. It is a very thin polish, and two coats will not be enough. I ended up using 4 or so to get the full olive green color that the polish has on the nails. The more you put on, the darker the green will be, and the brighter it will glow. The good thing is, even though you'll need quite a few coats, is that it dries very quickly and dries very hard. It doesn't self level well, so you'll definitely need a good top coat or a very steady hand to make sure its as smooth as can be. Just hold your hands under a bright light for a minute, and enjoy the lovely glow! It doesn't need much light to charge either. It managed to charge itself when I was watching TV in bed. It was fainter, but it did still glow! Great for Halloween!
  • Mark McFarland - Cost effective productivity in a box - still the oneI have used Turbo Tax and H&R Block Taxcut. TC is generally more cost effective for me. I have W2s, stock, intererst, and itemized deductions. I was able to import stock info from Fidelity and Schwab, a big time saver. It also came with ItsDeductible to document my charitable donations. I was able to upgrade to final Federal and State versions. My only beef is purchasing additional state programs. This one = Fed + 1 State + 5 free efiles for about $25. But to get another state its $35! I did it by hand. Mc
  • Kashif Haseeb Makhdum - Age of context : How cheap wearable computing will change the worldI really enjoyed the clear and easy to understand writing style.My expectation was that book would be focused on PC and mobile software only but I was positively surprised to see that it is focused on human life and every thing it includes such as cars , watches and fitbit fitness trackers as well as rising trends such as car disownership because of services like Uber and lyft.

    The best thing about this book is that it focuses on early wearable pioneers such as Google glass but provides many more interesting ideas for development.Speaking of Google glass, Robert and Shel has suggested a price around 200 USD for mass adoption. I think once Google glass gets to this price point , we are going to see a lot of imitators from Asia. Just as it was the case in Apple's touch screen iphone.Then price point can get down to as low as 100 or even 50 USD.That is when real fun would start.

    For forward thinking individuals and brands it is a must read. Gimbal from Qualcom and contextual fan idea about NFL stadiums are the useful take always for brands.And insider story about VinTank contextual marketing is cool, much easier to understand than their original website.Overall most amazing thing in all the book is about contextual health applications, this is real eye opener.I would suggest making a video series about wearable computing based on this book.Health context applications and devices should get focused properly in this series.It could be released on Discovery Channel ,National Geographic and clips can be given to BBC Click and Deutsche Welle's Tomorrow Today.

    Overall this book identifies the building blocks for making wearable computers.It catalogs what is available for use today and how they increase your productivity manyfold.