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  • K. Dwayne Evans - WHY All THE MIXED REVIEWS?I don't know why the reviews are so mixed about this CD. I bought this album at a local record store for a reasonable price and am glad I did. This album has a lot of Rush past hits on it which makes it special to me. I've liked Rush for a long time and their music has always been good. This group has always been talented. I have only one semi-complaint about this album and it is the sound mix is still in need of something more, but compared to past live albums by Rush this one sounds pretty good leaving past live mixes by Rush in the dust. Oh! the reviews about the lead singer having voice problems are unfounded. Put the CD in and listen to it more closely I think you might change your opinon. I Like this album a lot and recommend it to all!
  • Anna Shivakumar - Recommended with some specificalitiesI own an Apple Ipad as well and so comparing the market leaders in the tablet market was very easy. I believe they are pretty evenly matched though Galaxy Tab does beat the IPad in the end because of being a bang for the buck. At 200$ less than IPad and with an interface less rigid than ios, it is a better purchase if you are going to own only one tablet. The only things that I liked in an IPad over the Tab was that somehow the former seemed more sturdy (less prone to slipping out of your hand) and having more screen width than the latter. If these seem a petty issue to you, go for the galaxy!
  • Katherine McColm - Great read with new anglesThis is an easy to read book on dating strategies with a fresh new tone. The book takes advantage of technology interaction and offers links to video shorts that support and enhance the subjects covered in the chapters.

    Practical, makes-sense suggestions and insight that offers single women a new approach to the ongoing quest of how to get the guy.
  • Kathee Hansen "Mama Gringa" - Perfect Chair!We have shopped for portable chairs like this for a while now. We actually purchased and used another brand and are returning it ASAP. This chair arrived very quickly and was out of the box and on a table in under 2 minutes. Hooray! One person said they had to twist and twist and twist, but we got it done and on the table in very short order. Our table does not have a skirt and is about 2 inches thick. We took it off lickety-split and had it on the breakfast bar instantly. Another person said it didn't come with a promised carrying case...yes it does! It's on the under-side of the seat in a velcro pouch. The seat folds quickly for easy carrying, is made of sturdy, quality material, and is a 100% winner. We love it!

    Happy Grandparents
  • Denyse Roberts - Great gospel C.DThis C.D is awesome and filled with a lot of great sweet gospel music. All of the songs on here are number ones, ranging from old gospel songs and singers to new gospel songs and singers. The album is number 1 on the billboard chart in gospel. The album consists of a wide range of gossip songs to satisfy everybody. This is a great C.D to start of your Sunday morning to, before you go to church, to get your worship on. Some of the songs that I love on the album are Marvin Sapp- "My Testimony", J Moss- "Good&Bad", VaShawn Mitchell-"Turning Around For Me" ,Smokie Norful- "Once In A Lifetime" and Kirk Franklin-" I Smile". I recommend this C.D for anybody who love great gospel or worship music.