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  • Marina Felix "M. Felix" - It is working!Had back pain for many years. Tried the traditional western medicine for it (does not work), acupuncture (works if the practitioner is good, but the pain comes back several months later) and chiropractors (the pain still comes back). Now I am just on lesson 3 of this book, and I think it is actually working! One conclusion so far - you have to be really consistent in implementing the author's recommendations. But it doesn't take any extra time to do what she recommends , so it's just the matter of remembering it (and if you have a bad back pain, that part should be easy :))
  • Thaddeus Hall - P90XI have had multiple surgeries that were paramount for me to survive. I have no large intestines or bowels. I have a pouch that catches all voided digestion. I fight to keep any weight on. I have fought the last 3 years for any growth, emotional and physical.

    Believe it or not I started this program with an open mind. My physical abilities have grown beyond my initial desired goals and now I am adjusting them upward. My sleep is deeper. My body has adjusted. I have done my best during each workout. I am just finishing up week 4. I am not able to keep up with each move or rep. I adjust all moves as Tony suggests and I continue to gain flexibility, endurance and strength.

    Show up with the right attitude each day. Do your best and forget the rest. I have brought it each workout thus far and even though I am not going to run around without my shirt on, I could if it wasn't for the pouch and the road map of scars on my chest and lower abdomen. I am starting to look great. I feel amazing after I have taken my recovery drink. My diet is much different because of my new plumbing so I don't follow the menu suggestions that came with the program.

    My future has opened up. All problems come with opportunities. I have the opportunity each day to do the work and have the right attitude. I thought my life was going to be limited always (I was repeatedly told as much). It isn't. This program is a key ingredient for my future. I am extremely grateful to all those who have made this possible.

    I was told by doctors and others that I shouldn't ever expect to have that which I have already, physically. How amazing is it that I have exceeded everyone's projected future physical abilities? I know each day presents more or different challenges. I also know that my journey has only just begun. I would offer thanks to all of those that made this program available!!!
  • Earle F. Stone "Photo bug" - Excellent cameraThis camera is loaded with technology and special features. There is a slight learning curve to become aware of it's many features.
    I seldom have to use a flash, as it is excellent in low light conditions. The 24 to 1000mm (42X) telephoto lens is really good, and the anti shake feature, allows you to take great shots. The movies are HD with vibrant colors. I really can't find any drawbacks to this camera.
  • Tina Tibbets - This is great!Sometimes you buy things and finally get them only to have your bubble bursted. It either doesnt look like you thought it would or doesnt work like you thought it would. This product does EXACTLY what it says it will! I am so thankful for that! Who would have thought! I had never even heard of this stuff before... But I tell you one thing..I will never be without it again. :D
  • Lisa P "Lisa" - Works very wellFirst - the bottle is huge, it's a really good deal.
    Second - yes the clove smell is very strong
    Third - it WORKS! I adopted two cats who came to me utterly infested. I had spent two weeks obsessively vacuuming and washing everything and still kept seeing flea eggs and feces around. After only one round with this spray, they were gone by morning.

    A friend of mine's dog caught a batch of fleas at the park and his regular treatment wasn't working, so I gave her this spray to use and she also raved about it. So I definitely recommend it.