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Yasmin Jewellery - Yasmin Jewellery you will find beautiful designs from classic chic to bold edgier pieces for your life, whether to make a statement or just to bring out the natural you. With lovely pieces in delicate silver and the wonderful selections of semi precious stone, crystals or pearl there are a design for everyone.There are many unique "one off" pieces of handmade jewellery and many limited edition handcrafted designs.


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  • Mrs. Sonia Taub - I love it.Very easy to use except for the glich in the NYS software which came on line feb 15. Been using them for years. Tried Turbo tax, didnt like it. Beats going to a store front and wasting time and spending the extra money. Never had a comlicated return but it handels dividens and interest, as well as the normal deductions. It explains if you are better off taking the standared deduction or itemizing your return. It also if your lucky,to down load the 1099rs and drops it into the right places.Transfers all info to the state return.
  • Pricklybear - Kindle RocksMore then met my expectation . Would like to see Amazon change their packaging for the delivery of Tablets and most all their items. Having the Amazon name printed so prominently on the outside of the package makes the delivery unsafe in most areas. The package cries out for robbers to come get me. A more pro active tack on Amazon's part, with the use of discretion on the packaging would limit the amount of stolen items and a less stressful worry for the buyer waiting for a package.
  • John Jay Harper "www.johnjayharper.com" - ***** Chaos in Climate, Culture, Civilization, and Consciousness in 2012 *****Originally "the butterfly effect" was a term ascribed to meteorologist Edward N. Lorenz of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He created a fractal theory of chaos to identify self-repeating patterns in weather. What he discovered was that each iteration of the data (wind velocity, temperature, etc.) became more than the linear sum of its parts. They exhibited a creative "non-linear" spontaneous growth aspect that is in fact learning. What this ultimately meant was that we live within an "open biological, thinking system," a cosmos of infinite possibilities, where crises eventually leads to more order--not less--at least some where and some when. In a paper given to the New York Academy of Sciences in 1963, Lorenz said: "One meteorologist remarked that if the theory were correct, one flap of a seagull's wings would be enough to alter the course of the weather forever." More so, our human mind-body-spirit is a fractal of life force energy that flows through nature via the lens of our DNA.

    Ironically, yet in keeping with his basic premise that initial conditions can never determine a final fractal result, by the time he spoke to the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1973, the seagull had evolved into a butterfly. Not to ignore that the title of Lorenz's speech itself had transformed into "Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?" In brief, the implication of the butterfly effect is that with complex systems such as consciousness within human beings today, with so many unknown variables like our use of weapons of mass manufacturing and destruction, our future world condition is impossible to predict. We can see trends now that are ominous but not the outcomes in advance. And indeed if anything gives me hope today, it is the fact that no fixed futures exist for anything. Read this book --and others like it -- to understand why Terence McKenna projected 2012--December 21, to be exact -- is beyond a doubt the transformation, or "chaos point," in human history, as I do and systems theorist Dr. Laszlo.

    In a nutshell, is this why Mayan shamans defined 2012 as the bifurcation of human beings into "galactic human butterflies," the reborn children of the cosmos? Could this idea have something in common with the End-Time "rapture" scenario of the fundamentalists in religions so diverse as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? You bet it does and I have written and spoken about those similarities extensively for many, many years and am so pleased to see folks like you come to this truth too!!!

    Dr. John Jay Harper is author of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century and the DVD Science of Soul: The End-Time Solar Cycle of Chaos in 2012 A.D.
  • Pla77 - Sold me on the KinectI purchased the Kinect as a gift but they turned it down due to a lack of space. So, I didn't really want it either as it seemed like a fun gimmick (that was the idea of the gift just a fun gimmick). I tried the Adventure Sports game and thought it was fun but not really targeted to my age. So I picked this up on sale because I was on an exercise kick.

    Very fun warm up games like wallbreaker are included and the yoga workout routines is worth the price alone.
    I never tried yoga before and quite enjoyed it, plus I'm a little glad I got an intro to the practice on my own in order to prime my balance rather than falling all over myself in public.

    As I tried to get better scores frustration with the accuracy of the sensor slowly started creeping in, sometimes you can choose to do the movement correctly OR you can get points especially if you are pushing your flexibility out.
    The content is great but the difficulty of the routines quickly got trivial.
  • Caroline Vincent - EncouragementAlexander Pope once said that hope springs eternal in the human breast, but Proverbs 13.12 says that hope deferred makes a heart sick. I was heart-sick for so many years but then God allowed this amazing company to come into my life and be a part of the renewal of hope, in many ways, not the least a relationship with my youngest child.
    Thanks to the principles I learned in their training I am reaching out in more healthy ways and being consistently loving but firm about what I know is right.
    I have no words to say just how thankful I am for this program. May God continue to bless all those involved in changing lives and futures. Kari