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  • Pam Craig - Cutting edge and innovative revised Body Ecology book.Read this book, do it for yourself and your future. Donna Gates books have been life altering for myself and uncountable clients I have seen over the years. In fact my client's introduced me to her work as they shared individual health issues that were affecting their lives. When a book like Body Ecology comes along, it is a big blessing. If you want to learn how to become your own nutritionist, how to feel good again, with stamina and mental clarity, read this latest edition. Donna recently read each line and made changes based on her 20 plus years of research on how to rebuild a healthy inner eco system. The probiotic food recipes included in the book are easy to prepare and delicious. I make the Body Ecology soups and enjoy how tasty and satisfying they are. Donna is a diamond in the wealth of knowledge that she shares with her readers. Thank you Donna as your contributions have opened the eyes of the world. I remember 15 years ago when I attended your lecture for the first time due to client recommendations. You were educating on the benefits of stevia when it wasn't heard of by anyone in this country, and now major manufacturers are including stevia instead of sugar in their ingredients. You have always been ahead of the curve on complete information, getting to the essence of food and the energy it creates in our bodies.
  • Jaw - worksi hardly ever get cold sores, like years apart. i got one in june i think, late june maybe, under my lower lip. i didn't think anything of it, it didn't hurt, and by the second day it was dried out and getting a scab. i forgot about how long it takes them to go away. but it didn't go away. it didn't hurt, it was dry, but it just stayed there, it was quite noticeable, and as it happened, my daughter's wedding was coming up at the end of July. She was starting to worry that it would still be there for the wedding photos because it just wasn't changing, it wasn't getting any better, after weeks.

    i figured if you don't put something on them at the beginning, nothing is going to help so i never tried getting any remedies until less than a week from the wedding and we were at Whole Foods, and i saw a remedy displayed that said Cold Sores on it, so i picked it up. When i was paying for my groceries, the guy who was bagging them said i should try Abreva. He said he had tried lots of other things and they didn't work, he said i would get it at a drug store. i laughed because i had already paid for the other stuff and he was saying it didn't work.

    We went to Walgreens after that, we were going anyway, not just for the Abreva, but i got some, shocked by the price but whatever, the guy at Whole Foods really was convincing. I put it on according to the instructions, although it said you should put it on at the first sign, and this was after probably going on 4 weeks with no real improvement in how it looked, i was afraid by then it was permanent. I put it on and by the end of the next day the thing was fading, definitely. i kept putting it on and the wound was getting lighter, much better, my daughter noticed. Hard to believe that after all that time, it would cause improvement. I thought maybe it was a coincidence and that it would've gone away at that point anyway. But still, maybe it helped, it was a coincidence that looked good for Abreva. It did steadily go away after that, although if the light is right, i can still see a slight discoloration. Weird.

    Then, a few weeks later, i inadvertently touched my upper lip and felt a slight soreness. i checked it again in the next few minutes and felt a tiny thing that was like a pimple. i looked in the mirror, i couldn't really see anything, maybe a little redness. I figured maybe it was a cold sore, being right on the edge of the lip, so i put the Abreva on. It was definitely a tiny pimple with a little redness, yellow in the middle, and a little sore. I was certainly catching it at the beginning so i was optimistic.

    that was a Thursday night. I kept putting Abreva on all day on Friday. I was disappointed because it didnt' seem to change, it didn't get worse, so maybe that was a good sign, but it also didn't get better, and i had read some user reviews were some people said the sore was going away by the third day, but it wasn't changing at all, for sure. still i kept putting it on, frequently, more than it says on the tube. On Saturday i was sick without any warning, my throat was swollen, the uvula, and i felt a little weak. i took it easy and kept putting Abreva on the sore, but it didn't seem to get better. Also not any worse. On Sunday i woke up and i was fine and the cold sore was going away. This is Monday and it's virtually gone now. it was definitely almost gone yesterday, the third day.

    So i would have to say it works. i will keep it on hand and will use it again.

    I got the pump kind. LIke some other reviewers, when i tried it this recent time, found that too much of it squired out, and some of it ended up in the sink. But i found that after the first couple of times, i could control it and keep too much from coming out. It was still a little too much that i had to wipe on a kleenex, but that's because the sore was so tiny and it wasn't so much that it was a problem.

    i ordered another tube so i can keep some at work.
  • Kelly - I love this Stroller!!This stroller is by far the best single stroller I've ever owned. Some of my favorite features are...

    -EASY maneuverability! I can EASILY push my 1.5 year old with one hand, and my 3.5 yr old with one hand as well! THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE FEATURE!
    -A CINCH to fold up! (seriously it cant get much easier)
    -small folded up size, easy to fit anywhere!
    -Huge canopy umbrella
    -free attachment for use of Britax infant seat!
    -larger wheels that do really well outdoors! (I was hesitant on this but after owning a huge bulky inflatable tire all-terrain stroller this one wins by a landslide and still does very well on gravel!)
    -easy to adjust 5 point harness.
    -The little foot rest is nice for my 3.5 year old and has proven multiple times to catch toys from my 1.5 year old. :)
    -the suspension makes for a seemingly smoother ride than my other strollers
    -seat reclines almost fully.
    -The BRAKE! One brake for both wheels and easy to click on and off.
    - I haven't bought any, but love the options of add ons such as the child tray and pull behind board!

    Now for just a couple things i wish were a little different/better....
    - Small storage basket and a bit narrow to get things in and out. i wish it was a bit bigger or more importantly easier to access.
    -NO PARENT TRAY! However the stroller is very reasonably priced for how much i love it. I did purchase a Diono universal parent tray organizer and it does great! (I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING ONE)
    -the seat fully upright still slightly leans back a bit and my 1.5 yr old has gotten frustrated with this once or twice. However, If i fiddle with the straps in the back i can get it to sit up a bit more.

    In conclusion I feel like after weighing all the pros and cons and price this stroller truely excels!! I would recommend it to anyone!!