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  • A. Wyatt "amandala76" - Excellent for kidsWe took our son to WDW in 2011, & bought him this book to help get him excited before the trip, & so he could also feel special having his own book (I had the adult version). We are going again next week so I am buying the 2012 version as well.

    There are a couple reasons I like buying these books. #1, they are a keepsake for your child. #2, I especially like the section in the back of the book that lets the parent or child "journal" about the trip. In this sense it opens up dialogue in talking about the trip & reflecting on the time you spent together. These sections are called "magical memories" & "magical moments" where you as a parent (or your child can) fill in the pages. For example, it asks things like who you travelled to WDW with, when you arrived/how long you stayed, the name of your hotel, what your first ride at WDW was, what your usual bedtime is at home/what your WDW bedtime was, what the scariest ride was, what your fav ride was, best place to eat was, what the weather was like, etc. It allows the child to draw, paste their ticket, a receipt, etc. Then, there are many autograph pages if you want to use this book for that instead of buying the separate autograph book. We didn't use this book for that because I didn't want to carry it around. Instead, we preorded the WDW autograph book from the Disney Store and took it with us so we had it readily available. I recommend a retractible Sharpie pen fir autographs, too. Anyway, For $8-$9 this is a nice keepsake for your child to remember their WDW trip for a lifetime.
  • Mark Twing "Mark" - Best Tablet EVER!!!The most amazing fastest tablet ever!!! I get better wifi reception with the tf201 than with my nexus s. GPS is slow but who cares, I mean are you really planning on strapping this on your dashboard for navigation? I doubt it. Don't listen to all the haters, they are probaly apple loving DB's anyway. Don't overpay the DB's who bought this up only to resell it. $499 - 32 GB and $599 - 64 GB.
  • Carmen - Wen Pomegranate CleansingI waited a few weeks before I wrote this review because I was soooo impressed with the results that I thought it couldn't be true. I decided I should use this for a few weeks and see if I was still impressed. I AM!!!! I can't believe how thick and soft my hair feels. I have naturally wavy hair and it holds a style real well but when it rains...humidity makes it go crazy, lol. Not now though, it can rain, rain, rain and my hair stays soft and frizz free. I have also ordered the Almond and it was waaay to heavy for my hair. It made my hair feel greasy. I have come to the conclusion that different scents are for different hair types. My hair is long length,(past my shoulders) fine/medium hair shafts, (but I have alot of hair) and like I mentioned earlier, wavy. Pomegranate works great if you have this type of hair. I have noticed they also have a cucumber scent which I read is for hair that needs volume. I may try it just to see if it works. I have read a lot of reviews(mostly people that buy WEN off QVC) that say they lost big chunks of hair after using this product.
    I have had no such thing happen and neither has my husband..unless something goes majorly wrong. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO REGULAR SHAMPOO EVER...I AM A WEN GIRL FOR LIFE..but in the event that something does go wrong I will update this review. =)
  • Dora L. McAlpin "Dora" - Gorgeous. The Product Photo Doesn't Do Her Justice.This doll is breathtaking. The product photo doesn't do her justice. It doesn't adequately convey the rich details in her face and hair or the vibrance of her gown. She's beautifully packaged in a box worthy of display. Keep her as packaged and she'll be a treasured keepsake.

    She's labeled as a Collector Doll and she's designed accordingly. If you're buying her for a young Barbie fan, I'd suggest buying two. Buy one that can be put up and kept in mint condition and buy another that can be loved up-close. Most young ones won't be satisfied until they get to touch her. This is the kind of gift that can really make the holiday for any girl who loves Barbie, but that hairdo and dress just won't hold up well under vigorous play.

    The Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll is a treasure.
  • Dr.Steer - A masterpiece of the utmost high.Pink Floyd's final true album with bassist/lead songwriter Roger Waters, The Wall is on a peak above any other concept album written prior or post. Cheifly penned and composed by Waters, The Wall intends (and delivers) on providing a conceptual groundwork as a sort of map for the music, the story of a rock musician (aptly named "Pink")'s slow descent into insanity, citing various "bricks" (his mother, education, absence of paternal presence), which are combined to form a Wall for Pink, a seperation from society and cultured life. The second half of the album focuses on Pink's follies with drugs, beginning with self-hatred and loathing, hallucinations about his father and the war, and being drugged up in order to perform a concert. Hallucinating wildly, Pink imagines himself a fascist dictatior, cynically delivering the next three songs. Finally, when all hope nearly fails, Pink commits to putting himself on trial for his social crimes. This story, while I may be reiterating it for the upteenth time, remains one of my favourite aspects of the album, and is essential to truly appreciating the music.

    The primary consideration, of course, is the music itself. Floyd are able to create intense textures as well as maniaclly pounding rock songs. Several tracks are short, and are meant as segues into subseqent songs. Standout rock compositions include, but are by no means limited to: Comfortably Numb, Run like Hell, Young Lust, and the wildly progressive One of My Turns. Other, more ambient pieces are epic in their own right, and allow for Gilmour's guitar work to stand out in a way that it hasn't since the classic Wish You Were Here album.

    The Wall is an album that has been (and will be) enjoyed for generations, and possesses a demanding longevity that will not be ignored. You should buy it, if you have not already (After all, it is 23 times platinum!) :-)

    Favourite songs: Comfortably Numb, Another Brick in the Wall (Pt.1), Run like Hell, Waiting for the Worms, The Trial.

    5 Stars