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City: Fremont, California

  • Kimberly J. Karas "a New England mom" - I would love to have read this when I was a kid!Flora's mother loves clattering away on an old typewriter working on her latest book. Flora is intelligent and quirky with a real passion for reading. Sounds like they have a shared appreciation for literature but that is far from the truth. Flora despises her mother's writing of romance novels and her mother cannot stand her daughters passion for comic books.

    Flora proudly proclaims herself a cynic. Meanwhile her mother takes pride the beautiful shepherdess lamp she purchased and named Mary Ann. With her parents' divorce her father moved out of the house and her mother is home but distant in other ways, is it any wonder Flora would turn up with a superhero squirrel for a friend?

    The squirrel we presume to have been quite ordinary until it's run-in with the neighbor's vacuum cleaner. Not only did the little guy survive that tangle but seems to have come out of the mess with incredible powers of flying, strength, and a flair for writing poetry. He is really quite thoughtful and charming once you get to know him. Flora has named him Ulysess which by no coincidence was also the brand of Mrs. Tickham's vacuum.

    The premise is odd, as are most of the characters and that may put off some other reviewers here. For me though, as an adult I not only loved this book but I know I would have loved to read it when I was a young girl just as well. I am not being in the least generous with these five stars, they have been earned. Illustrations through out the book are a great addition to the story. I would recommend for enthusiastic readers of any age. Younger kids may need help with some of the vocabulary. Praise to author Kate DiCamillo and illustrator K.G. Campbell.
  • T. Harris "wanderingtaoist" - This stuff works!After a full contact fight and a broken nose I was prescribed a medication for infection which obliterated the bacteria in my system. What followed was intense yeast problems. I tried bottles of acidophilus milk and tons of yogurt but that didn't work. Even Nystatin didn't work. I had resigned myself to just living with it when I came across Threelac on a website. After finding it on amazon I decided to try the Fivelac.

    Though it took the entire box, it worked when nothing else would. For the first three weeks there was very little change, but after the month was over all my yeast problems were gone. My only advice is drink a full glass (8-16 oz) of water after it. If the yeast is really really resilient you may have to try two boxes. But if you have no adverse effects to this product I highly, highly recommend it.