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  • J. Schultz - Easy downloadI was concerned about some of the reviews having nightmares about the download, but I went ahead anyway. Like one other reviewer, the whole thing took less than 5 minutes (!!!) Perhaps Microsoft has cleaned up some of the installation instructions. At one point it says clearly to use 32-bit, even on a 64-bit machine, if the MS Office you have installed is 32-bit. Maybe that's the key, maybe it was just luck..., who knows. In any case, it worked like a charm.

    PS I also like the product itself
  • Matthew Borg - for wife's usewife suffers slight dementia which can lead to a perception of her not feeling hungry,
    so ensure is the answer for nutrition, and she loves the taste. the price was absolutely below typical drug supply stores.highly recommend it for these circumstances
  • J. Thornberg - Only thing I've found that worksMy husband has been using Sweat Block ever since I recommended it to him after seeing it on Rachael Ray, and I recently got a pack to use myself since relocating to the warmer climate of South Florida. Works like a charm - haven't had embarrassing sweaty underarms once at the office since using this product! It's got a really strong odor when you first put it on, like cloves, but that's the only time you smell it. I can go about a week and a half or two weeks between uses.
  • John Metzinger "Photos Extreme" - Kindle readerThis was one of the best Christmas presents I gave my wife. It she is not reading the Kindle it's because it's being charged. She is an avid reader, and love's the Kindle from Amazon. It allows her to review the books before purchase, and no more books on the bookshelf. It will save us room and packaging of the paperbacks and hardbacks she used to purchase and then after reading send to her mother. What a great present for her. She takes it everywhere.
  • Kalei Kema - Good productThis is a great hose, I need to order another one for my front yard, well made, easy to use, 50 feet and it shrinks down to a manageable size, my wife loves it, we use to have a 50 foot hose for the back yard and she would always have trouble
    dragging the dam thing around the back yard and the patio, she loves this hose, Thank You, Mr. Kema