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  • Christian Iniguez - Great Book to Improve Your GameThe author does a great job in motivating the reader to talk to women with confidence. The book includes detailed examples of how to improve your inner game, which ultimately leads to a more positive attitude and behavior when charming the ladies. The author also describes certain situations that often occur when attracting women, and how to deal with those circumstances. There is no perfect formula in attracting every girl, however, this book helps the reader to apply certain characteristics and rules when meeting different types of women. I suggest you buy this book if you want to improve your game and have a blast in being successful with women.
  • ChristineS. - More than an ordinary blender...Lord Jesus, from up above, deliver us from long tedious reviews on Amazon. The Nutribullet will probably save my life, as I heal from Breast cancer sans radical surgery, chemo, drugs or radiation. After grappling with juicers, blenders,& frustrated with the strict green diet, this surely is God-sent. The bullet is incredibly easy and fun! It's not "just a blender", but seems akin to an external new digestive tract. The gut took a beatin' from antibiotics, Nsaids, stress, caffeine; wasn't assimilating nutrients properly. I've had sinus headaches for decades due to food sensitivities, which no longer exist since blasting. My supplements can cost upwards of $1,000. per month, but now I feel comfortable reducing them. The Bullet is so powerful;as if it's going to dance on the countertop or blast-off into the stratosphere, yet it gently pulverizes. Go Raw!
  • Jayson Clark - Worked on my F150 factory wheel flaresI hear a lot of complaints but I tried it for myself. I cleaned my truck well with just soap and water (plus dried it). I followed the directions and then applied the stuff. I maybe used 1/2 the bottle on all four flares and they look great. It's been 4 months and they still look better than they did. If you own a 07 F150 FX4 you know how bad the wheel flares get with sun fading. After the winter is over I will probably apply it again just to ensure they are good for the summer. For $20ish it's a great deal. Sure beats paying a detailer.
  • Edes Fastag - A must read for the idealist!This set of audio discs keeps me company on long drives. It should be required listening for High School seniors or anyone who is getting ready to face the real world. Dr. Phil provides truly helpful advice for those of us who are too trusting and believe that we should give people the "benefit of the doubt" or that everyone deserves a second chance. He challenges us to think about why we should risk our life with a questionable partner or a hurtful work companion or boss. I have read other thought provoking, self-help books like Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Forward and How To Help The One You Love by Brad Lamm, Life Code by Phil McGraw definitely provides a better rationale for planning life changes for self improvement and help our family members as well.
  • william cutright - Great software at a great priceI have used H&R Block for more than 8 years now a love it. Every year it gets easier to use and gets me every deduction I deserve through a process of questions kind of like an an interview. The only Con I can think of is when you file your state form you have to pay for the e-file if you want to e-file it. That's a little deceiving when you do get free e-file for federal forms....