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  • Liz Promer "Liz" - What took so long?Finally- FINALLY! People are FINALLY beginning to wake up! I love seeing the looks on the faces of all the neigh-sayers. Not so "ridiculous" now, huh? Some people say this book is too late; that too many people had to face this problem head-on before the world started to actually listen. I say anytime is the right time, and I'd like to take it a step further. Let's ban these huge "assault" ships. There's no reason why anyone should want or need ships like these. Leave them for the military. Make this a safer world for our children, one where they won't have to live in fear. Of huge ships.
  • Iri from Sooke - Eee Transformer PrimeThis tablet is the best android on the market by far.It is ultra fast and so smooth and so responsive. It has the greatest image ,it is so sharp it's unbelievable! The 3 D is remarkable. Gaming with this tablet will get you to another world! If you want to buy something that you will really love to play with then this is it !
  • Christina Parker - I love Wen cleanser!I will continue to buy this over and over again! At first it was hard to get used to this product, but within a week I have grown to LOVE it. My hair has never been so shiny! I typically have oily hair, but not with this product. It leaves my hair feeling soft and clean! It smells great too! I have also bought the Wen for Kids for my children. They love it!