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  • Colleen M. Schneider - a peak into Susan's life and travels to England....From the first book I have been a huge fan of Susan Branch and anxiously await her new books, which in my opinion are worth the wait. She still hand writes and illustrates her books. They make them special and unique. I wasn't sure if I would like a diary/travel log so I had the library order a copy for me to read. Well, it is now on my amazon wish list.....Must have for me for a couple of reasons. I took my first trip to London and Scotland last year as she did to celebrate our 25th anniversary, however we did not get out to the countryside. The pictures and illustrations and writings make me want to make a return trip to venture into the countryside. As I described her book to a friend I said, that her books are happy, the text is full of quotes, of living in the moment, being grateful for what you have and enjoying the small things in life, because that is what counts even more than the supposed "Big" moments. I feel like I can relate to her love of the simple life, of making a home, having a garden, enjoying travel and really drinking in life's moments. If you are looking for the usual recipes she has shared a few, but this is not a cookbook, so go into it with an open mind. I also enjoyed learning more about her and Joe, how they got together and their own love story. I found this book to be charming on many levels and am planning on purchasing since I like it so much, as I do with most of her books.

    Overall, if you are a fan of Susan Branch I think you will find much to love with her new book! I for one was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed every page I read like I had taken a small vacation from the real world, even for a short moment.

  • jennifer berman - I love this way of lifeI have been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for 11 years, ever since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. My digestive system has become healthier and healthier ever since. There is so much help now for people on the diet, with great online blogs, support groups, wonderful cookbooks, and more specialty foods available all the time. Read this book thoroughly, apply it with fanatical adherence, and heal your gut. It is definitely work and a big change at first, but the food is healthy. Start slowly as all the guidance recommends, and hopefully you can progress to the wonderful full range of foods allowed on the diet. Some folks have more difficulty, especially at first, and I am one of them. I still don't eat the full range of foods allowed on the diet (beans) and I am still taking Asacol ( the most mild kind of Colitis medication). But I have not had a serious flare up for many years. I am able to live a full unrestricted life, as long as I do the planning necessary to keep myself healthy. If you are not good in the kitchen, get a friend or family member to help you. Brunch today: kale, leek, and havarti frittata with an arugula, roasted red pepper and kalamta olive salad sprinkled with olive oil and fresh herbs, a cranberry-walnut upside down cake made with honey and coconut flour, and a mimosa made with fresh squeezed orange juice. Everyone's gut is different so everyone will have things that agree with them and those that don't. Again, start slowly and enjoy the hills and dales of the incredible adventure of self-healing.