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  • Zohair Abusharkh - I am glad I went for the upgrade from 2010 to 2013I am not sure why other users reported problems in installation and upgrades from previous version, but I did not have any of that. It was extremely smooth operation that lasted less than 15 minutes, including upgrading my existing files, and setting sync to clouds. I followed the instructions in the installation step by step; install including uninstalling previous version, download and install updates, then opening the application and updating existing files. I followed by installing the phone app on iPhone 3GS and syncing the phone to clouds for another 10 minutes. Then everything works like a charm, so far for 2 weeks.
    The nice thing about Quicken updates in general is that the changes are very subtle. You feel at home with the new version.
    I was not planning on upgrading but I had to do it to keep downloading my data from my banks, for it would have expired in April, I think. Actually, some of them stopped anyway and I had to do them manually from the bank web site.
    But I am glad I did, at least for the phone up and the cloud sync features, and so far I noticed few improvements in the interface and syncing stocks data.
    Is Intuit to blame for forcing the upgrade? I am not sure. The banks improved and updated many of their application and Quicken had to keep up with that. That cost money, and they have to force the upgrades to stay in business, but they do it with generous policy by including bunch of improvements and new features. I got 3 years out of my 2010 version, and for $25 a year it is more than a bargain, it is a steal for all I get with it.
    I have been a continuous user of Quicken since version 1. And I am very happy they beat the goliath (Microsoft which I like most of their other products) and stayed in business to provide the best money management software ever for personal and small business.
  • Ruth B. Ingram - I think I love it.This is a dandy willmaker. It has an instruction book that scared me toothless. Then I realized that it contained little nuggets of knowledge for all 50 states, which made sense so then I kept on reading. My doctor and I have discussed the situation and now is the time for starting to make my final determinations since I am such a slow study. This software is so complete and I learned about contest exclusion, if you contest the will and you are named in it you lose anytime given to you in the will. I love that one and I am still working on my will. Although mine is pretty simple and straightforward I am sure that others will have more details to work out. Very helpful softward and book. I HIGHLY recomment it to those without 600 to 1000.00 to throw at an attorney for a very small estate.
  • Monica - Best ProbioticI really like Align and use it every other day with great results! I've read a lot about probiotics and this is one of the only products with science behind them, that has actually publish their data. The pill is a capsule that has an ok size and it is tasteless and easy to swallow vs. some of the other probiotics.
  • janeeyre01 - sugar free productsI love Haribo gummy bears. I was always eating them as a kid. Now that I am an adult I still love them, but can only have sugar free ones. WARNING if you are not familiar with sugar alcohols then you need to eat sugar free products slowly. They do cause some intestinal discomfort. I find like with everything else be smart eat in moderation. I can eat some sugar free products and they don't bother me, but others do. Be smart read reviews and follow advice from those who have tried them. I have been living low carb and sugar free for ten years
  • Barbara Brodersen - Great travel guideIt is very concise and easy to follow. He has great recommendations complete with the best passes to purchase and best and most efficient times to visit each place. It is small and easy to carry in travel bag or pocket. Good tips about over pricing on foods and also warns about pick-pockets, etc.