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  • James - sony's best console yet!Sony's best console yet. It has much better performance than the PS3. Its fast and responsive, the controller is also better than the PS3 and 360. The games look great and so far run smooth. the streaming feature is incredible, trophy's have rarity stats, party chat is good, and free games for PS+ on PS3, PS4 and PSV is the best value a gamer could ask for. and the remote play on vita is good so far. If your a HARDCORE gamer the PS4 is a must buy!
  • Lora Thompson - Wonderful book about a little girl lostExcellent book about a little girl who wanted fame and fell into a world of drugs and alcoholism when she was blinded by love.
  • Taylor M - Great Customer ServiceThis is a great baby monitor if you would like external viewing or want an all-in-one product with your phone/iPad/computer. The setup for the local viewing is easy and pretty straight forward. The external viewing is not so easy. Normally this would be a deterrent to buying the product, but the Wifi Baby customer support team is outstanding. I set up a call with Gary, who was extremely flexible with accommodating my schedule, and we knocked it out in no time. He was very knowledgeable about the product and zipped through the steps to get me up and running. Highly highly recommend this product, mainly because of the support offered.