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  • elmtreefilms - The Straight Skinny for Apple TV ConvertsI'm a big Apple fan. I loved my Apple TV...until I got hold of this Roku 3. The only frustration I had with the Apple TV was having to have my computer running all the time and iTunes up to watch my own movies and TV Shows on an external drive. Roku 3 solved the problem and threw in a ton of extra content to sweet the deal. Anyone frustrated by the closed system of the Apple TV and wanting more content from your streaming box look no further than this little box. It's the same size as the Apple TV. The remote has one of the most Apple-esque innovations: a headphone jack built into the wireless remote control for late night viewing. The user interface is easy as can be to navigate and the wealth of channels, both ones you know and love as well as really cool stuff to explore and niche programming is all there. It's worth twice it's price for what it offer.

    Postives: Just about everything. If you have a hard drive full of Apple friendly mp4's (without DRM) then this baby has no problem at all delivering the goods. It's three times as fast and responsive as the Apple TV 2.

    Cons: The audio from the wireless headphone jack is a little tinny.
  • JeffC - Breaking the Vicious CycleMy son was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis; medical treatments were not working. He was very, very sick.
    The diet as laid out in this book worked for my son. His symptoms started to go away after 3 days on the diet.
    He continues on it today, 1 month later. This has helped him greatly.
    I was drawn to this book from other positive reviews on blogs from people who have UC and IBS.
  • Niche - The only table chair that fits tables with skirts!!!We have had the hardest time finding a table chair that will fit our dining room table. All because of the skirt! We purchased our table from Crate and Barrel and it has a 3" skirt. We liked the style, but never thought we would run into the problem of not finding a hook on table chair that would fit it. Well, we did. We looked at the lobster, the meeto and finally we found this one. It is a tight fit, but it works and that is why we love it.
  • Tasneem Sulaiman, M.D. - This book is very believable and very interestingThis is a very interesting read, I could not put the book down. Judging by all the controversy it has created among some reviewers, I would say that itself shows how intriguing the book is. A must read. Everything in the book that co-authors Ping Fu and Mei Mei Fox have written appears quite believable if one knows anything about the revolution during the time of Mao. Why are some Chinese readers having a nervous attack. There is nothing in the book that brings China down. The book only refers to Ping Fu's struggles.

    I strongly recommend this book. It is ver interesting.

    Tasneem Sulaiman, M.D