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  • swans6250 - WOW is the right title for this

    I have been listening to a Christian Radio station and hearing all these songs. I was wondering how to load them onto my new MP3 player individually and then I happened upon this gem. It is all the songs I've been listening to, all in one convenient CD! Awesome, such a blessing. (And it gets me out of trying to figure out my MP3 player, lol!)

  • Jay - Don't see the problem

    I recently received my Prime, and am happy to report that it runs every game(Including Shadowgun) smooth as silk. I faced none of the dreaded crashes after the ICS update. The battery life is great, even running games regularly it lasts for a couple days on a single charge. It truly is the best tablet on the market today. No WiFi issues that i have noticed, it actually gets better signal than my iTouch. Haven't tried the gps function yet, but if i wanted to have help navigating around my house, i would have bought a dedicated device. There were some delays in my order, but i contacted Amazon and they were eager to correct the issue and it (the Prime) was shipped the next day