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  • MICHAEL SULLIVAN - Good software....Good software, I have used Norton/Symatec for years. I would advise people to never pay the full price, there always seems to be deals on line for about 60% - 70% savings. My only complaint is when you have to use tech support it comes from international sources and can make simple cures more difficult due to language barriers.
  • Janet S. - Love it...The iPad mini is a great tablet and the size is perfect for those of us with small hands (and small handbags) . I think one of the things I'm most impressed with is the picture quality. I'd recommend the iPad mini for anyone considering buying a tablet.
  • Jon Snow - Smooth sailing so far...Despite all of the negative reviews, I found the upgrade from Quicken 2012 to Quicken 2013 to be a smooth one. Overall, the application feels cleaner and more polished than previous versions. A few initial thoughts-

    -I like that there is now a "Close Account" option that makes it easier to distinguish between old and current accounts. (This seems clearer than the old method choosing one or both of hiding an account from the account list and excluding an account from reports.)

    -I rely on Quicken for transaction download for over a dozen accounts. I've had problems with past versions but transaction download in Quicken 2013 feels more responsive and so far (2 weeks) has been more reliable.

    -Charts and reports seem to have a nice face lift (Net Worth, Property, and Debt screens).

    -The Loan Details section is greatly improved. It's nice to have that information available on its own tab in the loan account versus drilling down into the old loan details screen.
  • John Yantzer - Amazon reviews are a must read resource for this productOut of the box, my new Mac Mini is a great desktop computer. As nearly everyone attests, the addition of an SSD boot drive is a must have upgrade and I couldn't agree more. At first blush, and after reading these reviews, cracking the Mac Mini seems daunting, and when you do it, you need a delicate touch. My Mini was the "old-new" in that the spinning drive was in the upper bay, so this kit was exactly what I needed, and both the printed and on-line instructions are great.

    The only point I would add to the great work of other reviewers is that when you are unplugging the teeny-tiny connectors, they generally pull up, not back. This got me a little nervous at first when I was working the connector back, until the light bulb goes on and from then on it was smooth sailing. Also, if you are installing the drive in the upper bay, like others have said, make sure the screws are just recessed into the rubber grommets. If they protrude at all, the drive caddy mount screws will be slightly off.

    While you can source the grommets, screws and SATA cable separately, do yourself a favor and just get this kit. The 10 bucks you might save does not outweigh the piece-of-mind of having everything you need, with excellent instructions, at your fingertips.

    Lastly, it seems there will a period in time where the empty drive location will differ. I don't know when the "new" kit will permeate the supply chain, but even though I got the proper kit, you could find yourself with a kit that isn't perfect for your needs.