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  • S. Lee - Don't rate what you haven't bought!I am very pleased with this incredible video game. It never ever gets old. Many of these people (not all) have been giving this fantastic Computer game one star because of DRM, not because the game is bad. I personally have had no problems with DRM in my video games. Actually, many of these people do not own this game and are giving it a one star rating! I can't believe you people. You trash EA's good reputation just because of DRM? Many of you people are claiming that the installation limit is 3 (or 5) and that it is unfair and that its just "renting". You CAN deactivate installations and install on other machines. I know, I've tried. Also what other problems has DRM caused you? NONE. Yes, NONE. When will you need to install more than five times? If you, for example, purchase a new video card, you have to reinstall it. But the installation deactivates and then you can reactivate it, so you neither gain or lose an installation! I do realize that some people have bought this game and complain about the DRM, but haven't experienced any problems, so anyone who is reading this, please buy this game and ignore the DRM complaints, they're very inaccurate and very misleading. This game is fantastic and I as a gamer have not experienced ANY problems with DRM. I have at least 6 computers, but why do I need to install on all 6? The Installation limit is not a problem at all, so buy this game and ignore all the misleading DRM complaints.
  • Drew - Just Finished and I Feel GreatI just finished the last day of P90X. I wrote a blog post about it, and I realized it would make a pretty good review, so I am pasting it here:

    This will be a long post about my experiences with it and my thoughts now that I'm done.

    I did not follow the diet plan, though I was much more conscious of what I was eating where before I was apathetic when it came to health, basically I've been attempting to maximize protein and minimize calories, though I basically allow myself to eat anything I really want to. I also did not use their "recovery drink" or shakes or protein bars or supplements. I substituted for those a green monster smoothie with a scoop of soy protein. I probably would have gotten better results had I followed the diet plan, but I also would not have had the willpower to follow through, and trying may have caused me to give up entirely.

    My goal was to not skip days and not to quit midway through any of the videos. I skipped exactly two days: one kenpo and one x-stretch (the two least important, in my opinion). I also did an extra x-stretch on a break day, though. I only quit a video before the end once, and it was because I started too late and had to leave to go a friend's event. Basically I succeeded at my goal; I stuck with it for 13 weeks and got the full experience. This is actually pretty surprising to me, as I went into it with a "we'll see" attitude rather than a "bring it!" attitude. And I went into it after a period of years of getting basically no exercise whatever, though I started doing push-ups and sit-ups for a few weeks in advance to prepare myself.

    The results were good. I didn't do the before/after pictures or take any measurements or weigh myself, so I can't be all that specific. I am back down to a 32" waist (from a high 34"). I am not "ripped." I don't have six-pack abs or "guns," but my muscles are visible when I flex them now.

    More importantly, I feel like I can do stuff now. The program almost certainly helped me do flying trapeze, and I really want to try more things, now that I feel like my body can handle some work. Monday I will be trying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I'm considering signing up for classes at the Parkour studio downtown. I never would have tried either of those things before, thinking that I was just too out of shape and too old to make it worthwhile to try.

    But the biggest surprise was this: I loved doing it. Until now the only exercise I have really enjoyed was hiking. I tried jogging and yoga and stuff, but I always just felt worn out after doing those things and did not have fun with them. I never would have guessed that what I really needed to try was home fitness videos. But P90X has a huge variety of very short moves organized into circuits by muscle groups. It's ten videos (not counting Cardio X which I never did or Ab Ripper X which is shorter) each of which has about two dozen moves that will be between thirty seconds and three minutes each. Some of them are fun and some are just hard, but the huge variety keeps me engaged with what's happening so I don't focus on how exhausted I am. It helps that Tony Horton is so goofy and the cast are such a motley crew.

    So now that I'm done my plan is to take a week off and then switch to a new home fitness video. Next I am doing Insanity, which is super intense non-stop cardio combined with some core and body resistance moves. P90X doesn't have much cardio, and I think I could benefit from it.

    After that I plan on doing P90X2. It looks pretty different from P90X, as it focuses on core and balance during strength training and uses some much more exotic moves, like doing pushups with your hands and/or feet on unstable medicine balls and doing curls, presses, and kickbacks while balancing on one foot or lying against a stability ball. All of that looks like a lot of fun to me.

    Basically this seems to be my new thing, much to my surprise.
  • jackhendri - Long overdueThis book totally reshaped my view of my own American faith paradigms. As the wealthiest nation on earth, we are vulnerable to the enemies of materialism, comfort and complacency. Beginning with our children, we must guard against these very real threats to our ability to effectively follow Jesus. Platt is right on in his estimation of what could be ailing the American church. However, he is gentle and humble, not harsh or critical in his delivery. Radical will challenge, stir and inspire you. I don't think this book will leave many the same way it found them....but then neither will Jesus.