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  • Cymbeline "cymln" - For a Vermonter, this is an essential read.Amity Shlaes has written a wonderful book, full of facts and snippets which give insight into Silent Cal. Some many things which I learned not only about Coolidge, but the time in which he lived and how the political world was adapting to the changes in technology. For me, personally, it was fascinating to read about the times in which my parents lived as teenagers, and helped explain the psychology of Vermont, the northeast and the rest of the country. My dad was an early adopter of aviation, so fun to read what was happening in that emerging field. I would whole-heartedly recommend.
  • M. Galea - So easy & Practical toolThis is my first ever ipad / tablet and I love it. Prompt, to the point, and so much at your fingertips. Excellent.
  • lzdoc - Excellent GuideRick Steve's is a great option for a student on a budget. He gives great information and tips as well as walking tours of the cities/museums. He gives practical information like recommendations for accommodations, restaurants, and even places to do laundry or where to find an internet cafe. He lists sites in importance for viewing as well so you know which sites to hit first. The information is delivered in an easy to read, enjoyable manner. Maps were also handy. I would definitely use Rick Steves again in Spain and in Europe.

    I sometimes did disagree with Rick on the outdoors opportunities. He did not put the maria luisa park in Sevilla as a must see nor the Pileta caves and I would say that they were the best things I saw on my trip. He does leave out some of the less common sites and spends most of his energy on the cities that he himself would recommend. If you are looking for an exhaustive guide, maybe this is not the one for you. But if you are looking for solid information on some of the most visited cities and limited information on the smaller, less visited cities, this would be a great guide for you.
  • Rhea M. Hebert - Another lovely read.This installment in the No. 1 series is as delightful as the others. That being said, if you don't like the others, you most likely won't like this one. The pacing is similar, as is the tone. These are not your typical "mystery novels," and I've know people who just didn't get into them. As for myself, I can't wait for the next one.
  • Utnorris - Easy to useI have used this for the last few years getting the new version each year. It's low price, accurate and we maximize our return without having to get into any gray areas. The interface is simple, answer the questions and it fills in everything. The only advice I would give is when you finish, print your return out as a PDF so that if you need it quickly for reference and you do not have the software installed then you can pull it up easily.