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  • P. Grau "TLPLG" - Just about instant gratificationI received as a Christmas gift. Had never heard of it, but my son just KNEW I'd love it. Set-up was very quick. Easy to follow instructions with pics. All the herbs sprouted in the time frame printed on the pod. (Beware the basil placement as it LEAPS ahead of the rest - perhaps a side spot vs center where it hogs all the light). I month later, I have LOADS of herbs, some of which I'm using and some that I'm drying for later use. You need to top off the water to the fill line and add the provided nutrient tabs every other week. (A light comes on to warn you). You can program the light to give your plants the needed 8 hrs of dark. The grow light is VERY bright, so I suggest choosing your home placement carefully. We opted for the bottom of the basement stairs.

    We can't wait to try the other kits.
  • Jeff Van Reiner - Finally! Evidence over hysteria!Hrm, I suspect most of the negative reviews here are written by people who have not read the book and have received misinformation about it from an interest group.

    I *HAVE* read the book and heartily recommend it to the pregnant women I know. It's a great asset for pregnancy decision making. Not all medical studies are created equal and this book is careful to separate good evidence from shaky evidence. It is a great book for people interested in facts and evidence.

    If you'd like to be extra, extra careful when you are pregnant and avoid deli meat you can do so. What *THIS BOOK* tells you is that if you *really* want to reduce the risk of the kinds of food borne illness that can harm your baby what you might want to avoid instead is cantaloupe! *The author is not opposed to being careful!* She just wants you to be careful about the right things.

    I received prenatal care at an incredibly respected private practice affiliate with one of America's top hospitals. When I asked about foods to avoid I got a photocopied sheet that looked like it had been added onto piecemeal since the Carter administration. An ob/gyn can save your life if your uterine ruptures during delivery, but most just aren't that good at critically reviewing the evolving evidence-based medical literature. You can improve your pregnancy experience by doing your homework. This book is the best I've seen for helping you do so.

    Anyone who's read WTEWYE has probably chuckled when they see that cookies and cocaine are handled with equal gravitas. Until now, there haven't been a lot of antidotes. Finally there is.
  • Diane O. Hainsworth "diane" - hydro floss oral irrigatorI had been told, by a new dentist, that I had a number of large pockets in my gums, along my molar teeth and it was suggested that I needed periodontal work to correct the problem. A doctor suggested that I purchase the hydro floss and I did. I started with the low pressure setting and worked up to the higher pressure as my gums became healthier. My last dental appointment (six months after the last one) showed my gums healthy and no longer needing extra work. I love the Hydro Floss and intend to have it as part of my home dental care forever.
  • Momma2Two - Absolutely, Love this, will never buy another car seat brand again :)I just recently bought this seat for my almost 7 month old, because she had out grown her carrier. I absolutely love this seat, it was so easy to put in and I received it in a matter of days. Its gorgeous coloring!! It's very well built and very sturdy. Installation took a matter of minutes. My baby girl is so much more happier, being able to have more room :) I will never buy another car seat except for a Britax!!
  • Christie Hartman "Author, Behavioral Scientis... - Research-based and filled with great informationThis is an excellent, very well-researched book on what makes people like you (or even love you). The book is packed with good information, from how/why people fall in love, body language, and other non-verbal signs, to effective communication, social interaction, and sexual interactions. What makes this book so effective is that, for the most part, it emphasizes something very important to all human interactions: good social skills. What are good social skills? Making others feel liked, appreciated, and comfortable in your presence. If you can do that, you will succeed not only in love, but pretty much everywhere else too. Moreover, the book talks about what stirs attraction and love in others, and how to do so with that person you're interested in. It's filled with interesting tidbits, such as offering a compliment before your partner goes fishing for one, overlooking a date's mistakes or faux pas (i.e. pretending to not notice), and why you shouldn't play hard to get (but hint that you're hard for OTHER people to get). Fun stuff.

    As someone who writes in the dating and love genre, I was pretty impressed with this book and have even cited it in one of my books. The author's advice is based on actual research studies, and she presents the information in a clear, fun way. It's packed full of information and well worth the money.