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Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City | Cornell University - The mission of Weill Cornell Medical College is to provide the finest education possible for medical students and students pursuing advanced degrees in the biomedical sciences, to provide superior continuing education for the lifelong education of physicians throughout their career, to conduct research at the cutting edge of knowledge, to improve the health care of the nation and the world, both now and for future generations, and to provide the highest quality of clinical care.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 10065 New York, New York

  • ac4warrior - Having been totally in shape, and totally out of shape, this game is perfect for anyoneI've been on both sides of the spectrum, athlete/military shape and total couch potato working up, this game has stuff for the complete range of different fitness levels people are at. If you are starting from pretty much zero they gradually work you up with pretty good exercises and bursts of sprinting during the runs to get your heart rate going. I started out not even being able to finish the first Run exercise to finishing the first and working on the second. Totally 100% excellent game IF you have the motivation to get in shape, you can't beat this game.
  • Labscientst - love it!Wonderful tablet. I am not a techie but have gone the rounds with several tablets. This is my favorite tablet followed by the kindle hd. Nice sound from the speakers. Great color and definition. Love the screen size. Plays everything I want although someone had to tweak it so it would play from my prime account. The usb adaptor is unique to say the least and supposedly it can play HDMI with a chord although I havent tried it. Glad I bought this tablet.