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  • European Roadster - BareMinerals all the way, from someone who's shopped aroundAfter using BareMinerals along side other face powders, I was very pleased with the product. It has a pearly quality that makes skin luminous, the same way highlights do for hair, and it feels light and doesn't cause acne.

    It is however, a bit more than I usually spend on cosmetics. After running out of the basic foundation, I decided to buy a drug store knock-off (Neturogena, I think) to see if it would produce the same results at a reduced cost ($10). It didn't: the feel of the powder was heavier and greasier, it made my skin look a monotone flesh color that made it seem unnatural, and worst of all, lead to break outs, meaning I had more flaws to cover.

    Now I am a complete BareMinerals covert, and luckily, through Amazon, the price of this superior product is within a few bucks of the knock-off.
  • woodstown - I'm a long time Balko reader and this exceeded expectationsThis book exceeded my expectations spectacularly. It wasn't a rehash of a bunch of "Agitator" blog posts- it gave a concise history of policing, where policing has gone wrong in the past, and it spelled out the missteps of politicians making policy based on emotions and anecdotes. The 3rd amendment history lesson is fantastic.
    Radley does a great job attacking the system and reiterating that it's not really a "bad cop" thing. He takes an unflinching look at what's going on now and how we've arrived here, without digging up the ghosts of Anslinger and other long-dead drug war propagandists.
    He offers some well-thought out solutions to address the problems pointed out.
    When I finished the book, I wanted to address policy issues and try to help fix the "system" vs go out and beat some abusive cops. I think that's a huge win.