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  • Merciless Max - Norton is GreatBest price I could find online. Norton is one of the best if not the best Internet Security software. Norton did have a bad image up to Five years ago but having tested many other similar soft wares, Norton definitely ranks in the top 3. As for personal preference, it is the number one in my opinion and with the price, it is no contest. Light install and very effective.
  • Heather - Excellent Yeast Infection Treatment!!!I could almost weep with joy at having found this product!!! I have recurrent yeast infections that often take 3-4 over-the-counter treatments to cure (running me about $75-$100 per infection, if you do the math on the appallingly expensive over-the-counter kits!) Until recently I had been battling The Yeast Infection From Heck That Wouldn't Go Away (lasted about 2 months); it was so aggressive, I ate my weight in probiotic yogurt and spent a fortune on other probiotics and OTC treatments that did nothing but temporarily relieve symptoms. Finally I found this product (my pharmacist recommended it to me - I could kiss her, I may actually bring her flowers, no joke), and I noticed a difference in 2 days. I actually used them as suppositories the first 2 days to get the good bacteria where it needed to be ASAP, then took them orally after that. It's been a week now and the infection (knock wood) seems to be gone. NOTHING ELSE WORKED. I tried everything, both natural (yogurt, acidophilus, garlic, tea tree, etc.) and chemical (Monistat, Canesten, CanesOral) and this is what cured it. Even though it is expensive I will gladly spend the money every month. I can't believe I went years and had countless infections and ongoing frustration and my doctor never mentioned this pill to me. I am going to tell her about it at my next appointment - EVERY woman who suffers from yeast infections should know about this pill. It's been nothing short of a miracle for me, I can't say enough about it!!!
  • M. ORIAS "puccagirl73" - Psyched!!! This book was awesomeThis novel was very original and quite unique. I really enjoyed this book, most people think perfection is being able to move beyond emotions but emotions are what are able to make beings grow, achieve, and change otherwise you are stagnant. Sascha is the most unique character I have encountered in a long while, in that she will be perceived as flawed by her kind if she reveals she has emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of her character and her development.

    Lucas is one solid Alpha male character, he shows the best traits of being alpha while still maintaining enough of the bad boy qualities to remain really yummy. I love that he teaches Sascha the value of physical touch.

    Nalini Singh is in a league all her own with her eloquent prose. I look forward to reading more from her, I'm Psyched ;D.
  • Beth Markowitz - SpellbindingI was wonderful. I recommend it. The whole time I was reading it I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that something horrible was going to happen. I cried for the last 7 or 8 pages and for 20 minutes after I finished. There were no surprises, you could see it coming a mile away but it hit like a ton of bricks nonetheless.
  • Heather Jay - Amazing knowledgeI have chosen 5 stars as Matthew Hussey is telling woman what they need to know.

    Even as an older woman I am still learning. I have been testing out his theories on a male friend I am corresponding to and he is spot on. Everything is there in writing but most woman don't know how to read the signs, it's a whole if different language.