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  • H BAKER "lefur" - Should be required reading in College. - 10 StarsI note there are several negative reviews on this item. It only shows that people don't want to be confused with facts, particularly if they disagree with them. As usual, it's brilliantly written, contains well documented facts, is informative, and gets you in the gut. At times it's also amusing, save for the seriousness of the subject. She's just sensational. 5 stars isn't high enough, 10 might do.
  • Audra Price - Great productPurchased this for my 9 year old for his bday. We went through 3 android tablets (cheap ones) and I decided to purchase this one and he loves it and I am loving it as well. I am more of android person and now thinking about Ipad Air.
  • tiger187126 - Great Lightweight BagI got this bag last week and took it out to a little executive course to try it out. I only took 8 clubs, so I can't comment on on packing this thing with all 14, but if you're walking why would you?

    Anyway, it was extremely light and comfortable. I looked at a Taylormade that was along the same specs, but the straps on this one give it a clear edge. The bottle pocket is a little awkward, it kind of hits your backside while you're walking, but you can remove and replace a bottle while you're walking with little effort. I don't know how to reach into the scorecard pocket with it on my back though.

    storage space was sufficient and the outside tee holder and clip are nice so you don't have to put as much in your pockets. i don't use the ballmarker, but again it's a really nice little accessory to throw on there.

    all in all, if you're looking for an extremely light and comfortable bag to walk with this one is an excellent value for it's current price.
  • dissadent deacon - Wonderful resourceThis is the book I have been waiting for--a way for diverse communities, with diverse theologies, diverse members to find common ground in a life of common prayer. The vision of all of us ordinary radicals sharing a life of prayer is so powerful. I love the way the book is organized--evening prayer for each day of the week and morning prayer for each day of the year. The preface pages to each moths with a commentary on one of the 12 marks is so helpful.