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  • Janet Sparger - Great new book!This book delivered a whole lot more than expected and is much, much better than the standard slow cooker cookbook. Good tips and easy to follow recipes. These recipes use items i keep in my pantry all the time. No special shopping required which I really like. I liked this book so well that I purchased Slow Cooker Revolution #2.
  • Tom N - Great computer replacement for non-techies?I own multiple tablets (iPad 1st gen, Kindle Fire 1st gen, BlackBerry Playbook). This is the best so far.

    It's mostly the fact that all Android apps just work on it, but it's more. The tablet comes with so many standard devices that phones do, that stuff just works. For example, a GPS for Google Maps a mic for voice input, etc.


    1. Get the keyboard. It completely changes this device's uses.

    2. Turn off the trackpad. It's too sensitive when typing. Ideally, someone could just turn off trackpad clicks, but that feature doesn't exist... so just turn off the trackpad and touch the screen.

    3. Combine with a 4G wifi hotspot device and this thing goes anywhere.

    4. Install the Puffin browser for speedy internet access. It's a little buggy sometimes, but the speed is worth it.
  • Baze T - Great ballsLove these balls! I am a beginner golfer and having hit balls of all difference price points, I cannot tell the difference between the expensive balls and these, but I CAN tell the difference between the horrible balls and these. They fly true and far, exactly what you would want, and for the price I do not feel bad when I lose some (I play a lot of quick night games on Par 3s so balls tend to get lost in the dark). And they feel very responsive when hit. I think they are great and I just ordered another set.
  • R. Harvey - Huge help!I am a 25 year old grad student and I never thought I'd have back problems, but sitting nonstop with poor posture for a year straight gave me pretty unbearable low back pain. It got to the point that I had to lie on the floor in my office to assuage the pain. I went to the doctor and had x-rays...nothing. I went to the physical therapist and they told me to "tilt my pelvis" to get rid of the tension. Nothing worked.

    Then I got this book! It has resulted in a huge improvement, both in my posture and lessening my pain. I can now sit all day with very little pain and I am only on lesson 5. I was a bit skeptical but it's been very helpful. The only thing is that sometimes it's difficult to tell when you are doing everything correctly, but she does all she can in book form to give you examples, pictures, and possible problems you may have.

    Overall very helpful and I hope that over the years this will keep me in a healthy posture to stave off future problems! Highly recommend if you have back pain and other therapies have not worked.