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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 80111 Englewood, Colorado

  • Fusion Wellness - Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray, 32 ozI ordered this and a couple other natural flee killers when my little dog picked up flees for the first and only time ever.

    I sprayed this on a chair she sits on all the time, as well as a blanket that sits on it. I sprayed drapes, her bedding, and any other cloth like material I thought they might be on. I even spayed a little on her fur a couple times.

    The fleas were GONE in a few days.
    I love the products this brand makes. They are 100 % NATURAL, they smell good, and they WORK!!! I would DEFINITELY recommend it/them.

    I also have an ear cleaner, and I've tried their sterol eye wash. I'm pretty sure the eye wash is/was the same brand. I already used it all.

    Anyway you can't go wrong with this line!
  • Matt "Matt" - NO BRAINER for USMLEMust have for the USMLE, great tool to study by as you progress through medical school. You will need a bit more if you are looking to do more than average, but this is a MUST for your foundation.
    Amended: At this point if I were starting medical school over I would get the 2012 version, it is color pictures are integrated to the subjects, and it is better organized than prior editions. I would add my own notes as key info as I went through school, as it is laking a bit of detail. This would make it a priceless text.
  • Broc V. - Great line of products!I bought the entire line of Hutzler fruit slicers. All have the same general build, but are color coded to easily match the fruit you wish to slice to the slicer you need to use. I must say the other fruit slicers were very hard to find online, I had better luck asking around at local food markets. Great work Hutzler! The only one I could do without is the coconut slicer.
  • Riverdale Rob "RR :-)" - Easy to use, accurate, reasonablly pricedI've been using this product since it was called TaxCut. Each version has been improved, even if only slightly. And, while Turbo Tax seems to always be the big seller, this is a) much cheaper and b) just as feature rich in my opinion. Not really sure what specifics to add to those general statements. It does what you need it to do, walks you through each section of your return and asks questions in very understandable language, includes reasonably good help, and makes eFiling simple (not to mention providing you with 5 free eFile returns which is very nice if you have a few people in the household).

    I bought the download for Amazon which is also convenient since you always have it in your library.
  • Busy Mom of Teens "Busy Mom" - Kindle is a Mom's best friend...I received my Kindle for my Birthday which comes before Christmas! It has been my favorite gift of the year! As a Mom I keep it in the car with me to read while waiting to pick up my son after school sports or when waiting for my other son at the train station to come home!
    If I didn't have the Kindle I might have to carry newspapers, magazines and books in a bag in my car to allow me to read the range of materials I can read with this single, light weight product that travels so easily with me. I have even read recipies from a cookbook while shopping to buy the ingredients! I have enough bags in my car between groceries and sports bags and backpacks etc.!
    I like that I could bring my Kindle in my purse into the doctor's office with my son last week...I didn't have to touch the magazines so many other sick patients may have touched...My son liked reading from it as well.
    My Kindle will certainly make travel more enjoyable for me too! The boys have their DVD, and PSP, and their I-Pods...even their Laptops...But I can be content with my one Kindle to enjoy a diverse reading experience where ever I am! Most of all I am glad that the Kindle has made my life as a Mom right now more productive, more tranquil and manageable while raising teens! And anything that helps a Mom model and demonstrate life long reading interests and inquiry is important to me as a mother!