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  • Violet - Are you willing to make the changes you need to?In the book Fractal Time, once again, Gregg Braden opens doors to new possibilities by showing us the cyclical process of life. He explains a way in which we can identify the opportunity to make better or a least different choices for ourselves as the dynamics of cyclical events occur in our lives and on our planet.

    Perhaps from a higer view, it is as if we get to do things over and over until we can get them to a place of harmony, not just on an individual level but, as a whole that includes all of life on Earth.

    Thank you Gregg.

    Blessed Be
  • JD - Worked in 2 days!After a bad bout of acid reflux disease, I started experiencing cramping and bloating after almost every meal. It felt as if I couldn't digest food properly. My doctor recommended probiotics and a friend recommended this particular brand. I was a little apprehensive at first because after reading reviews for various probiotic products, it seemed like everyone's stomach microflora is different, may or may not mesh well with the probiotics, and it's impossible to know in advance whether a particular supplement will work; some people even report worsening of their problems after taking them. Not me though--two days after I started taking this product, all the stomach discomfort is gone!
  • flosan - REALLY A GREAT PRODUCTOnce I got used to the Kindle Fire HD, I love it. At first I thought, "I don't like this. I like my Kindle e-reader better." But once I started using it, it was great. Only one concern: My battery runs down very fast. Even when I am not using it. Could it be I need a new battery already? Other than that, no problems.
  • Michael A. Loera "Loera" - Product came quick but unfortunately for me, it does not workIt says on the Rogaine website that the product works in 85% of the people that use it, I guess I am in the 15% that it does not work for. The product is easy to use but if you already have hair on your head than using just the "half capfull" it tells you is nearly impossible. A half capful absorbs in my hair before it hits the scalp. Also, the smell is not bad but it can bleach your hair if you put it in and then go out into the sun, like at the beach where I live.
  • A voracious reader - Wonderful!I knew I'd love this book and I'm most definitely not disappointed; the photos are wonderful and beautiful and colorful! I really admire Brandon Stanton for spending so much time and effort in this endeavor; it's very special....for those of you in metro NYC, the Powerhouse Arena (in Brooklyn) will have the official book launch on Tuesday (October 22) from 7-9 p.m. You can RSVP on their web site.