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  • momof4 - Informative and well researched.I reluctantly began this book because my husband asked me to. After the first few chapters I could not put it down. I do feel the author was divinely inspired, but that is not what got my attention. The average American citizen does not realize the scope of what is happening in our government. They don't understand Presidential Executive Orders and the loss of liberty that we as American's are facing. It has been happening for so long, a slow erosion, that we have barely noticed. Some of the items in the book I could hardly believe and did some research myself (absolutely certain I would find that the facts had been distorted), however, it was just the opposite,I realized the author had a true and correct portrayal of the facts as they stand. As a mother of four teenage boys, I am beginning to understand that if we don't address our loss of freedoms and the deliberate derailing of the United States Constitution that my children or their children will have to pay to get back their freedom with their blood. This book offers the only solution that we know of at this time. The most profound recognition I can give this book is that it simply changed the way I view the world around me and more importantly has altered our family's path for our future.
  • Jo Fawn - Fabulous Book!This book satisfies my craving for both visual and intellectual understanding of a subject. It also satisfies my intense desire to actually understand the cause of an issue, such as back pain. As someone who has suffered on and off from back pain for many years, finally having some logical and clear idea of the problem is revolutionary. Appointment after appointment with this and that doctor who are not able to give any solid answers certainly got tiring. To finally be able to take my health into my own hands and body is very profound and exciting!
  • bill h. - PPIP- Pity the poor innocent public.Like the book, Game Change 2008, they have looked and reported on all the characters involved in our Presidential campaign of 2012 and show the chicanery and the low level that we have sunk to politically. Anything to win, and the low level of vocabulary of our leaders, i.e., the filth in their everyday language is appalling. There are no winners, and we citizens are the losers. Anything goes to get elected, and the truth be hanged.
    This book was a confirming read after finishing 'This Town' by Leibovich.
  • mamasmiles - Awesome stroller for tall parents with multiple (or planning multiple) childrenI finally got my ideal stroller for baby #4.

    Here's what I love:
    - Easy to push, even with an older sibling on the piggyback board. I can easily push this stroller with one hand (yes, even with a child on the board) so long as there isn't much of a hill.
    - Big wheels. This means that the stroller handles mulch and gravel well.
    - Baby can face in or out. My baby loved facing me when she was tiny, and now that she is older (10 months) she often prefers to face out. I do like that I can still switch her around to face me if she wants to (nice for noisy or crowded places).
    - Awesome storage. I walk my daughter to school when the weather is nice, and I can easily fit her backpack, jackets, and anything else we need in the basket. The basket is the largest I've used, and I've owned a lot of strollers.
    - Easily accessible storage. There's no point in having a large basket if you can't reach the stuff in it. This basket is very accessible, with the baby facing in or out, sitting straight up or reclined, and with the bassinet on the stroller.
    - Extendable handlebar. This is especially useful if you like a high handlebar, and if you have a child on the Uppababy Piggyback board.
    - Great bassinet. I especially like that, on this model, the hood can zip open to expose mesh for a more comfortable ride in hot weather.
    - It grows with your family. You can add a second seat, and my kids love the piggyback board.

    - It's big, including when folded. It takes up a good third of the back of our Toyota Sienna when it is folded; more if we bring the bassinet along.
    - It's a bit heavy. Not for its size, but something to consider
    - The size and weight may make this a not-ideal stroller for shorter parents.