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  • Justathought - Love this thing..........Ok. I am writing this review for all the girls like me out there.

    I debated over whether or not to even buy this. I was expecting to be left crying and disappointed yet again. I am a hairy, medium complected, brunette Southern girl. I have battled hair my whole life but around the time I turned 30 I noticed these irritating black hairs on my chin and neck. They started off slowly and progressively got worse. All my picking and plucking didn't help but I didn't realize it at the time. More started growing and I started getting funky scars from picking and they were so course that they would make a spot every place they started growing. I was getting more and more depressed about it. I felt like a monster. I'd try not to look in the mirror and then cry when I did. I would waste hours every day picking and plucking and crying. I was a slave to it and felt hopeless. When you don't even want your husband to look at you any more, you know its bad. He never said anything about it. Didn't even realize it was as bad as it was because I took so much time hiding it. I finally decided to try electrolysis. It hurt and took way way too long. I went several times and never had a clearing and it just didn't look like it was making any progress. I returned to plucking and I'm not sure what happened but I had a big surge in hair growth in that area too. I was ending up with my worst nightmare and becoming a total homebody. I stopped living my life because I didn't want anyone to see me.

    I went on the hunt for something else to try. I looked into going to the salon for laser. For one it was too expensive and two, I was too embarrassed.
    I happened to see the Tria on TV one day and researched it a little more. I was upset when I saw that it wasn't for the face because that's what I wanted it for. I continued reading and saw that ALOT of people were using it for this purpose. Everything else is hairy too but I am mostly concerned with my face. I decided to try it.

    I was so excited to use my Tria for the first time. I immediately used it on my upper lip, neck and chin. I knew I wasn't supposed to expect immediate results but I had to keep checking my face everyday after that. The hair continued to grow in within the next few days, even faster it seemed. I got mad and got out my trusty mirror and tweezers. I went to pull the first long hair and to my surprise, it wasn't even attached! WOW!!!! I kept going. MOST of the hairs just slid out! Some I could feel were still attached so I just left them to shave and laser again. I did this once a week for the first few weeks and my chin and neck was almost completely cleared. The lip hairs are taking a little longer. I think it may be because they had a lighter root than the other hairs. It is 90% gone too though. I am continuing about once a week and am still losing hairs. I think some are old that are just starting to come to the surface. But it's just a few here and there. I still see some hair if I look at a certain angle but they are so fine and blonde that the Tria won't get those. I don't even care cause you can't see them and if you do they look like normal fine body hair. After the hell I've been through, that is NOTHING! I wish I had before and after pictures. But, I would have NEVER took a picture of that stuff before. It was too traumatizing for me.

    I've started to work on other parts of my body. I've done my hands and arms. My little finger and hand hairs cleared in no time. The arm is taking longer but the hair was very thick and I noticed when I was helping with the shedding that alot of the pores had more than one hair. I've done my arms 3 times and they are almost smooth. I noticed after the very first time that it grew back much slower than usual. I have shaved them a few times between sessions and I really don't think it will take much more. You can hardly see it, just feel it a little when I rub my skin. I've done stray hairs on my belly, chest and cleavage. All gone. My underarms are almost done. It hurts and I always use the highest setting cause I want to make sure it is working. I'm starting on the lower half of my body soon. I know it's going to work on my legs because I did a test spot last week and when I went to shave my legs again, I noticed that that little spot was bald. I've been putting it off because it HURTS!!! That is one thing I am sorry to say but in most spots this thing HURTS!!!! The darker and thicker the hair, the more it will hurt. BUT!!! The better it works! When I use it on the fine dark hairs I barely feel it but when it's those thick hairs, you want to scream. Sorry. It's worth it to me though. At least my face was. I was willing to take any pain to get rid of that. The good thing is that the more hair you lose, the less it hurts. Just to be free of that mirror and tweezers was worth $395. I hope it lasts but I would buy one of these a year if I had to. It is so worth it if it works for you.

    I would recommend this device to any woman suffering with this issue if you have the right hair and skin tone. It is so worth it to me to have my life and confidence back. People complain about the price, the size of the laser, and the battery life. I expected to get home type results from this but I got more than I expected. It's not perfect of course but look at what they are giving you for this price. No one even has to know you are doing this and it works!! You can do your whole body for $400 at your own pace. Even if it isn't permanent it is worth it. As long as I can go for weeks at a time without dealing with unwanted hair and embarrassment, it is worth it. Just to feel my face and feel soft skin instead of stubble and scars(which are fading as well). It's awesome. When I realized it was actually working I caught myself crying again but this time in happiness.

    I hope this review helps someone out there like me. I know I can't be the only one. Don't suffer any more for any longer than you have too.
  • Bryan Dietz "Bryan Dietz" - Excellent!!!!I'm not going to write a long review. I been looking to buy a tablet for a few months and decided to wait for this one. I got mine ASUS Prime 64GB Champagne tablet about 2 months ago. All I have to say is that its a excellent Tablet. Very solid peace of hardware. I really love it. I also purchased a 64GB microsd card for it. Now my tablet has around 120 GB storage. Really could't find any tablet out there with better specifications, and when connected to the key board.... Man... No words. I have used the tablet and keyboard combination for my business for around 30 days to test it out and it worked great!!! No complaints. I really recommend this tablet. ASUS did a really good job on this tablet. I will give this one to my wife and will definitely buy the ASUS TF700 when it comes out.
  • Maryalice Russo - great bookI really enjoyed this book. I tend to research places mentioned in books and found the locations mentioned in this book to be well described. The book introduces you to art and travel ( which the other books did as well). Funny in my mind I kept seeing Tom Hanks in these places!. Awesome adventure.