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  • Kristin Olympic "LIDO" - Great insightsI needed to read this book. I stumbled across Matthew Husseys youtube vidoes by chance and they spiked my curiosity. Hussey has a lovable and fun way about him that seeps through also in his writing. I'm usually extremely sceptical towards this kind of quick fix books, but this is a good book. It's for women of all ages and of all kinds of experiences. I'm 33 and I still haven't figured out how most men think and operate, but I know I'm closer to cracking that code - just by having read this book. I give it my warmest recomendations.
  • julie - bought refurbishedI wasn't sure if I want to buy a used or refurbished tablet period, but I'm so glad I did. First off I loved this tablet from playing around with it in a few store and I feel it's equal to if not better than any iPad or kindle. They Tab is perfect for my mom and she can barely use a computer. She surface the web, watches movies, and listens to her favorites songs. Her keyboard and screen are very responsive and a good size. This was a really great buy and I have no regrets.
  • M. kamenir "Aunty Reni" - Who needs Stephen King when we have reality?2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

    I really don't have that much to say beyond the title of the review...kind of says it all. Concise, well written, electrifying, educational, frightening, easy to get lost in reading this one! Great gift for the enlightened cerebral athlete.
  • Carla Ruth Peer - Miserable in HawaiiI have struggled with mild psoriasis since I was 16 but two weeks before our 30th anniversary trip to Hawaii, I broke out with guttate psoriasis literally from from neck to my toes. Only my face was spared. What timing! I found John Pagano's book when I returned and immediately began the full program in Feb of 1999. I was completely clear by August of 99. Even my scalp became pink and healthy again. I followed not only the diet (tough) but the cleansing procedures as well. The steam baths were particularly helpful. Now I am back to following a moderate version of the diet and my skin remains clear as of Dec. 99. I highly recommend this book. Your skin will improve as well as your general health.
  • MEDCO - Quickbooks for DunmmiesBeing an accountant you need to keep up with the new QuickBooks. I had not used QuickBooks since 2008 so getting use to the new version is a bit trying for me. I turned to Amazon to get me the book that would cure my woes. QuickBooks 2011 for Dummies is great and very informative. It has helped me save face with my employer. This manual is now my lifeline when things are not working out the way they should be. Many thanks also to the Author of this manual.