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  • Patrick Ochs - Very helpfullI read the book. Learned to cut like it said. Did some videos of my grandkid's different events at school and sports. People actually watched it and liked it. The book made a lot of scene. I really understand the part now about 1 to 3 second shots. That is the way most of your big budget films shoot their shots. Need to have this book before any other film book is bought. This is the most down to earth rules that work. It dose not talk about cameras equipment just shooting video that people will want to watch over and over regardless of equipment.
  • M. Owen - 2010 Errata fixedFirst of all, First Aid is the gold standard for Step 1 review. Memorize all of First Aid and I'll bet you'll get a 250 or above on your Step 1. Second, this edition took care of those 6 pages of errata from the 2010 version. So unless you feel like going through those 6 pages of errata on the First Aid website and making a ton of changes, I suggest buying the 2011 version. I know there will be a list of errata for this version, as Doctors in Training has already put together a preliminary list, but it is a much smaller list than the one from 2010.