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  • Donna L Polehn - If you do no other upgrade to you PC, it should be this.If you do not have an SSD, get one immediately, it is the most bang for your buck of any upgrade I have ever done. My computer boots up and shuts down much faster and it runs quiter. Also, the virus scans run faster and are less annoying. Programs load faster too. If you have a desktop computer, double check that it has an extra SATA port, you will probably want to do a disk to disk copy. It comes with a code to download free software to facilitate that. If you have a laptop, you will want to get a USB to SATA converter of some sort to do the disk copy. I recommend doing a little reading up on SSD upgrades on line before starting. I used this tutorial I thought it was pretty easy to understand and covered everything. I cannot comment on comparing various brands since this is the only one that I have purchased, but it seems to be working just great.
  • Chris - AMAZING!Crash and Burn is without a doubt the most candid, personal and sincere book, no, story I've EVER heard. Amazing sums it up in one word. If you're a fan of Artie Lange, or listened to him on the Howard Stern show then you've probably heard 1/2 of this telephone conversation of a story. If you're not, it's still an amazing, personal and autobiography (only about 3 years of his life). If you're a raging drug addict or alcoholic, this is a fascinating story that many of you may have only ever dreamed to live in your drunken or drugged life. If you're not a drug addict or alcoholic, read it with an open mind. This book puts this horrific lifestyle of despair and desperation into perspective in the most elegant and explanative way to help a "non-user" understand just what goes on in the mind of a (very typical) drunk and/or drugger who's in the deepest depths of their mind to the point of no return. This book is PROOF that the author is in recovery (or recovered) because no one in active use could POSSIBLY recount these stories with such fine details; it's amazing he was able to recount them (with dates and times) at all.

    An 11 out of 10 to me. An "AMAZING" story, so perfectly written, holding nothing back and telling his honest "life" story as it was regardless of what the pop-culture reviewers or critics have to say.

    Oh, did I say it was Amazing?
  • R. Rawley "Blu-ray fan" - 87 APPS ON 2012 Smart Hub will NOT workIMPORTANT PRE-PURCHASE INFO:
    The 2013 Evolution Kit does not support 87 apps that were available through Smart Hub on 2012 Samsung TVs. The PDF at Samsung US website is on the SEK-1000 page/support/manuals/Deleted App. List (ver.1.0). [Direct link is not allowed for sites off Amazon.]

    "After you have installed the 2013 Evolution Kit in your 2012 TV, the listed applications will no longer be available. If you have any questions or want a refund for an app that is not supported, please call us at 1-800-SAMSUNG 1-800-726-7864 for assistance."

    Eighty-seven 87 are listed. While most are less-used, a few are worth noting UPFRONT: Skype, Google Maps, MLB.TV, YouTube, & Minesweeper are among the 87. A newer app version will possibly be available to download for these Apps again, but no guarantees...and perhaps needing a NEW purchase.

    Good video & detailed text review can be found on CNET Reviews & possibly other sites. Worth hearing the 'pros' POV.

    UPDATE 7-26-13---I think the folks at Samsung deserve a bit of praise. When I wrote these comments, the note about Apps not working with some 2012 TV's was buried in the Support page tab [Samsung site, NOT] and not on the features pages that pre-purchasers would likely look at. Samsung has corrected that oversight. The note can now be found at the bottom of the SEK-1000 'features' page tab. Further, the note is now located on the 'features' page tab of my actual 2012 TV. [Don't know about other prior models that offer Evo Kit option.] Samsung deserves credit for making this improvement...and trusting the common sense purchaser to balance improvements & drawbacks before purchase.

    NOW UPGRADED REVIEW TO FIVE STARS! UPDATE 9-12-13---Received and installed the Kit on 9/5/13, used now for one week. Have to say the Smart TV interface is far better than the 2012 that I was very used too; faster because of the increased cache & hardware up from dual-core to quad-core processor. The new remote that is included is more responsive & accurate than last year's. The voice and motion programs are improved. I am actually using the voice smart control, unlike the limited 2012 version. Kit installation does mean any prior pro-calibration is lost. If your technician left you with the settings and unlocked, it is easy to restore the settings. Kit new menus will take some time to learn, but they are expanded and worth the asking price. Finally, since this review is originally about lost apps, worth noting the 87 listed originally as unworkable are now down to less than 2 dozen. Presume app developers made some adjustments.
  • Evelyn J. Berry - Back Pain Be GoneThis book was recommended by a dear friend that was in severe pain due to back issues. My husband and I both have back pain so I decided to buy the book. I would recommend this book for anyone that has pain in their back. It is amazing at how badly we abuse our backs, especially with exercise. I have never been able to touch my toes and now I'm glad I couldn't.
  • Purple Angel - Norton--Simply the Best! 5 StarThe product arrived on scheduled time in excellent condition. Norton, by far is the greatest...everything works fine the first time from installing right to the end...installing is easy and quick...just the way we like it!
    The whole process of buying and receiving from Amazon is outstanding.