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  • Terry Hashley "Malhovic" - Issues Resolved and Wonderfully Working ProductMy experience has been very good with Quicken products. I waited a little while to purchase the 2013 edition due to the concerns people had with some of the features (mainly the online sync for mobile access) and now that they've had time to work out the bugs from the production environment I have to say it is a great product.

    I've tried a few other products in lieu of the Quicken line and always end up coming back due to its usability, product feature set and the support it has.

    Thanks for making a great product Quicken, and thank you for supporting it properly for your customer base!
  • RJ - Gardening For DummiesIts the real thing. If you can't grow a crop with this product, seek medical help...Really though, its too simple and straight forward to screw up. I am on my second crop of peppers and it looks like the first crop wasn't a fluke. The only drawback is the fact that the veggie leafs get too tall so fast, even with the recommended pruning, that the light hood needs to be removed and you have to allow mother nature light to finish it off. I understand Aero has a new unit that is a bit larger and addresses this problem. Growing veggies this way is a reward you wouldnt believe. The peppers I have are so flipin' hot that your skin burns if you dont wash your hands after cutting them up. Not kidding. The unit takes up only a minimal amount of room and tending. Indicator lights go off when its time to add water and nutrients. True Gardening for Dummies. There have been other counter-top gardening kits offered in the past but most are clunky and messy to use, producing sickly looking plants. Not this one. Give it a try. Its kind of fun and you'll enjoy the results.
  • Lloyd Christmas - Excellent read throughHow many ships can a huge ship hit if a huge ship can hit ships?

    No but really, with all joking aside, most land urchins (like most humans) don't realize the severity of getting hit by a huge ship. Sure, getting side swiped by a midsize fishing vessel is never a fun time either, but a HUGE ship can quite easily be catastrophic. Three words: September freakin' eleventh.
  • Happy housewife - The greatest anniversary gift EVER!My husband and I were about to celebrate our 15 year anniversary, which of course ALL girls know is a crystal anniversary. Well, my hubby is your usual big burly guy who doesn't remember these types of things, you know what I mean? I practically have to write it out for him! Plus, honestly, I can't tell you the last time he really bought me ANYthing and didn't complain about the price. He works really hard and he doesn't like to see his money "squandered" on expensive or unnecessary items. That's why I stay home and cook and clean; this way we are saving money on restaurants and housemaids, plus we have free babysitting! What could be better?! But, I digress.

    So, the big day comes - and goes - and I thought he had forgotten about it AGAIN. But, as I went to bed that night, while getting into a comfortable sleeping position, I found my gift, tucked under my pillow. At first I thought one of the kids left a toy there, but then I thought, "This is different!" With chills down my spine, I pulled out the delicate, unwrapped, package, in all its pastel glory. I had to catch my breath; the pens were so beautiful! I don't know where he got these, but I was overwhelmed with love and joy! Crystals AND diamonds: it was like I had hit the anniversary jackpot! I started imagining how I could coordinate these colors with my aprons, while writing out my grocery lists. I didn't know if I would be able to sleep that night!

    Reality pulled me back when my half-asleep husband mumbled, "Aren't ya gonna thank me for your gift?", and I realized how selfish I had been. Of course! MY MAN had picked these out just for ME! "Oh Sweetie, thank you! I LOVE YOU!", I gushed. "Yeah, ditto", he responded, and dozed off to sleep, a contented man.

    Thank you, Bic, for the greatest anniversary gift EVER!
  • The Consumer "Jason" - I was sceptical of the "infrared technology" but I am now a true believer!!Pros: Very well designed and manufactured~ Good fit and finish~ Sturdy, solid grill~ The infrared is a completely unique cooking technique that works and works well~ The top, front door, grates, burners and infrared emmiters and hardware are all stainless steel~ Seems to use less propane than conventional gas grill~ Temp gauges seem to be accurate and solid~ Allows you to burn woodchips or natural wood charcoal directly on the grates its amazing and soo easy to do!!~ The best grill I have ever owned....or used for that matter!!~ If your in the market for a $300 grill, buy this thing!

    Cons: Not too sure about the Surefire start system as of yet. The button has to be pushed just right but once it is... click click boom its lit!~ Ikea has nothing on Char-Broil in the "Uhhh I have to put ALL OF THIS together?" catagory~ If your not a handy person with a good set of basic tools, you better hope your friend or neighbor is!~ I am a handy person and this was a pretty long build to do by my self(3+ Hours). I don't know if this is really such a con, but for some it may be so i figured I would mention it. One reason it takes so long is because it is a well built grill with a lot of heavy duty hardware and support brackets ~ LOTS OF PARTS TO ASSEMBLE!