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  • azgrad - A solid product with a lot of great informationI've typically been pleased with Nolo products and this software is no exception. Obviously most people focus on this software's ability to assist one in creating wills but I was particularly pleased with the other key documents one can create. Documents for Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive are critical components of an estate plan. There are literally dozens of forms available and just going through them will prompt consideration of many issues that need addressing. Including a Pet Care Agreement, for example, was a surprise for me but it's great that it is included. There are also documents that one normally wouldn't associate with estate planning, such as Promissory Notes and Loan Agreements, plus documents to revoke agreements already put in place. All-in-all this is a very thorough software package that will be useful for most, if not all, people who want to take control of their affairs.
  • Christopher - Don't take these reviews lightly, it's for real!After a few weeks of progressively worsening abdominal pain, I decided to go to my doctor and see what was up. He diagnosed me with terminal liver cancer and gave me only about 3 months to live. This was quite a shock to me, but the next day I decided I would really live life, whatever was left of it. So the first thing I decided to do was to get the 3 wolves one moon shirt because I had always wanted one but couldn't really afford it. I was so excited about my decision to buy it and *really* felt like I was about to get the most awesome piece of clothing that ever existed.

    Now here is where it gets really amazing... It was not but 3 minutes after I bought the shirt online that an armored truck delivered it to my door. A man dressed like Neo from the Matrix handed me an unlabeled black box. It was quite warm especially for a cool January afternoon--almost like fresh baked bread. When I opened the box, a faint, yet noticeable flash of light filled the room, and I immediately began to breath very heavily as if I was running hard, but I did not feel fatigued. I put on my new shirt, it was warm and conformed to my body quite well. It was at that moment that I realized the chronic pain in my abdomen had stopped and my posture had improved tremendously. The mass in my upper abdomen had disappeared! I went to my doctor's office, and he confirmed that I had been miraculously healed!

    A few days later, I discovered I could speak 4 new languages: Spanish, Japanese, Irish and braille. Braille!? Seriously? I thought that was only for blind people. But I could. Not only that, but it seemed almost every girl I came across wanted to get to know me better...and when I say better, I mean "better". Also, I found that I could drink way more Miller High Life than anyone in my town, and that's saying a whole lot. All of my friends are really jealous of me now, but hey, when you got the Shirt of shirts, it's just what happens. Too bad for them, they can't afford it or just don't believe in its powers.

    So don't believe for a minute that the powers of this shirt are just a big hoax. IT ISN'T, IT'S FOR REAL! If you're sick, you'll be healed. If you're a dork, you'll be cool. Read all the other reviews out there that confirm it. And if you do decide to get the shirt, just be prepared to face a whole lot of haters in your town when you score with all the hot chicks while all the haters are left hanging like a wet towel.
  • C. Reinders II "CoffeeNut" - A Concept Album of Epic ProportionsAside from the quintessential 'Dark Side of the Moon' album, Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' is an iconic masterpiece, Being a concept album, The Wall has a mix of irony (Waters wrote it in response to the press's criticism that the band was boorish) and subtext that is not as obvious as other concept albums.

    The Wall, as imagined by Waters, was literally a wall between the band and the audience. Pink Floyd's musical heritage had been, and still is a surreal montage of imagery reflecting the bands (mostly Waters and Gilmour as the main writers) disillusionment at life in general (remember, this was a band that grew up in the 60's and came into there own in the 70's, two of the most disenchanting decades of the American dream (which by this time was a worldwide issue).

    I'll leave Syd Barrett out of this review only because it would turn my review into a book. Suffice it to say he was a key element in Waters' vision of what the album had to say.
  • spontaneity - I miss my Bumble Bee!!!With great pain and disappointment, I have to announce that I dropped my little Bumble Bee (yes, I have a yellow Lumia) and the screen is completely shattered. After frantically searching for a possible explanation why this Nokia is not like my Nokia I had 10 years ago, the one that I dropped times and times again but IS still working like a trooper, I have to come to terms with the fact that the screen is glass, no matter what kind of glass it will break if you are unlucky. I have to admit that I was fairly disappointed at first and there was this thought that I should probably search for a new phone because I'm so afraid this shattered screen will not be my first and only one. I still have my old iPhone 4 that I can use while waiting for my Bee to get fixed and see if I could switch back. That's when I realized I cannot live without my Lumia. It's almost like I took things for granted before, my life was so much easier then. The things that I miss:

    1. The gorgeous and super sensitive screen.
    2. The weight. I know this is a turn off for most but for me, I love the weight in my hands, iPhone is just way to light. Also, this phone can totally be a weapon if needed. :D
    3. The navigation of the apps. It's so easy to find my most used apps with the re-sizable titles.
    4. The back button. I can't count how many times in the last few days I keep touching the bottom left of my iPhone to go back to the screen before and then realized it wasn't there and it won't be, ever.
    5. The camera. I won't say more, this has been over-discussed in many places.
    6. The vibrant color that makes a statement wherever I go.
    7. Nokia Drive. This GPS is so awesome it actually tells you the street names and highway names and exit numbers and in many different languages.
    8. The fact that I can see how many emails and messages I have without having to unlock my phone.
    9. Many other little things that I don't remember.

    I know that there is still a lot of room for improvements in many areas (apps store is first on the list) but it is the best phone for me and I can't wait to hold it again. Sigh, I miss you terribly!!!
  • Todd L. Nonnenberg "scacountor" - If you are skeptical about 3D glasses but theseI saw these were rated four stars and had to leave my review....these are the best 3D glasses I have ever worn and its a pleasure to own them. After the the flimsy glasses that came with my tv died or malfunctioned...I bought these and could not be happier. The charge lasts really long and the glasses are top quality. They also include a case and a slip cover to prevent scratches. When is this company going to make glasses for IMAX??...I will be the first to buy them!