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  • Janice E. McNickle - A wonderful productBare Minerals foundation is a perfect product. First of all, it goes on beautifully. Secondly, if you travel this is a perfect product. It zips through the airport security with no problems at all. But mostly - and this is why I love it - it looks beautiful and if you are like me and have any type of imperfection you will love it. It covers all. I cannot say enough about this product. I am thrilled to have found it. I hate liquid makeup and it makes my skin looks shiny and feel greasy. This product does none of those things and makes my skin looks beautiful. It wears all day with no touchup. Perfect product.
  • Daniela "danielaboyd" - Champagne Prime!My prime finally arrived today after a wait of two months, and I absolutely love it!!!! I am fully aware of its capabilities as a tablet. This is not a laptop or a desktop guys, so overdoing it can cause it to crash. It's no different than a smartphone. But it handles things quite well. The screen is beautiful, almost all my Droid X apps are compatible, and I love Ice Cream Sandwich, it is amazing. I have the keyboard as well, and it works so well with the tablet. I have an older model of the Asus EEE PC, which weighs a ton compared to the newer models, so that was my main pursuit in buying this tablet since I commute on the train every morning.

    I haven't tested out the GPS or navigation system yet, and while the wireless does APPEAR poor, in other words, don't get the full bar-amount, it still works as though I had full power while surfing the web, downloading apps, and listening to Pandora all at once. If anything, it is not trying to keep my hopes up in terms of the wifi, but it works perfectly normal to what it says it does.

    Overall, I am in love! I will definitely update if I encounter any issues, but so far, way to go!