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  • Jorge Frid - Knight Rider Chapter 2525First of all this book is a Michael Knight's chapter with his KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) car, do you remember that TV program? The car that speaks, and drives herself?
    Well with that in mind and that every JE's books had nothing to think about, nothing to learn about, but something to have a good time reading them you can read this book, this book will not give you anything but a pleasant time reading it, of course if you liked The Knight Rider Show, if you didn't like it just skip this one.
  • georgiporgie - Outstanding Amazon ValueReviewing something like an Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Kaspersky vs: Norton's, etc., is Very Subjective at best. I like the apparent Comprehensive nature of the content of the Kaspersky offering. I especially like the "Virtual Keyboard" where your KB strokes are captured and encrypted before an intruder such as a "Key Logger" can intercept it thereby protecting what you are typing in. Now, in the 2013 edition, they have made it much, much easier to use. They have automated its use relieving you of making sure you incorporate its use correctly, or, it doesn't allow you to forget its proper use as it does it for you automatically... bravo... OH... did I mention that NO ONE I COULD FIND COULD COME CLOSE TO THE AMAZON PRICE? COSTCO cannot even come close. I came back to Amazon a second time because of the great value I received last year and assuming Kaspersky continues to be a leader in the Security market, I'll be back again next year... HEY KASPERSKY, we now need TABLET protection???
  • Nontakorn Jittamanonkul - Another Masterpiece of The Incredible Diesel Watch !!!This watch is really beautiful , big design , and i really love it !!!
    This watch has (some sort of 3D shape) black background. fill with unique yellow color (like my diesel vektr headphone ) The Package are really nice. Make your watch feel safe :) and There are four different time zone that you can change to other city you want. In the package there are universal user manual with all the information of your watch and how to set up your watch.
    Let me tell you a little bit of my stories before i surprisingly found this watch on amazon.
    I've been looking for this watch for a long time ago and i think it already gone in my country. So i try to looking for it in hongkong while i have a vocation there but i'm still get nothing. After that vocation. I browsing the internet and i finally found it on amazon that was Incredible.

    i'm so please to say my decision was right! And all i can say "You won't regret if you buy this watch" :)
  • Niki Fox - Seriously...These comments are too funny. While I am sure this is a good pen that writes like a normal pen it really shows how for feminism has come. Don't blame Bic for taking advantage of a growing market of "oooh pretty". Blame the girl who says that over a pink or purple sparkly pen. I know I've said it. Strolling down the office products and see a nice colorful pen. If you really are offended over this then you should really read the news on how other countries treat their women. While you do that I will enjoy writing with my fun brightly colored pens over your dull manly one ;)
  • Stephan H. Pollack "krazeehoser" - Pink Floyd - AnimalsThis Floyd album beats them all. It has the band playing at their best. Rogers Waters and Nicks Masons rythem pounding, Richard Writes keyboards are awsome and non other than David Gilmours guitars wail and flow fluently. Listen to how Rogers singing and Ricks keyboard combine together in SHEEP and Davids three guitar onslaught in PIGS(3 different ones). I like Dark Side as much as anyone but I also think it is over rated and Animals is way too under rated. I find putting on a good set of head phones and just absobing this album to be the best way of enjoing it. Do your self a favour and buy this C.D. today, you will not go wrong, promise!!!