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  • Divindocbob - Quicken Deluxe 2011Quicken Deluxe 2011 - [Old Version]Great product ! Have used quicken for years. I needed this program for local little league.
    Am a MAC user and I am very disappointed that OS Lion does NOT support Quicken.
    I have had to switch to a less that satisfactory program for my business & personal use.
  • L. Mason - It worksyou have to eat a big breakfast then take the pill and you wont want anything else the rest of the day take 3 pills around 6pm and I am good for the day
  • M. Bolin - Couldn't be easierMy Norton Internet Security was coming up for renewal (for $49.99), so I decided to take a chance and buy from Amazon (for $14.99) and renew using the product key from that package.
    It came today and I went to Norton, clicked on the upper right (support) and then entered the product code and my e-mail and in no time I had successfully renewed for another year.
    Thanks Amazon and the reviewer who clued me into this option.
  • M. Watts "perry comotatus" - 2012 - The Return of QuetzalcoatlThe Plumed Serpent returns, with Daniel Pinchbeck as its herald. Like a Hermetic shaman Pinchbeck braves Wotanic netherworlds and returns with a giant cauldron of poetic mead for the tribe to savor and digest.

    For those who are not inclined toward experimenting with the substances, or suffering the environments that were experienced in researching this book, the good news is, you can journey far, and get real high just by reading it. Much of the difficult work has been done. For those who lean more in the direction of psychic and psychologically adventurous pursuits, this book will serve as a balanced and masterfully written primer.

    It would be possible to read, enjoy, and learn from "2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl" without having read Daniel Pinchbeck's previous book, "Breaking Open the Head" (BOTH). But to really be able to appreciate the importance of "2012" do yourself a favor and read BOTH if you have not already done so.

    Reading "Breaking Open the Head" changed my orientation toward occult and esoteric pursuits. I read it in the autumn of 2005 just after the Katrina and Rita disasters took place in America. Apocalypse when? How about now? The voice that spoke in the pages of BOTH was both adventurous and compassionate, and was void of cynicism and spooky control trips. There was none of the grandiose posturing that seems to be a part of many books that are written from a standpoint that is sympathetic to shamanism, the occult, and the use of hallucinogenic substances.

    In "Breaking Open the Head" the destruction of the World Trade Center is viewed with an eye for the cosmic significance of the event. Pinchbeck pursued a shamanic path that involved travel to exotic locales, astral encounters, hallucinogenic terrors, and occult hangovers, in order to heal elements of self that were wounded by what took place on 9/11.

    "2012" takes up where "Breaking Open the Head" left off. The use of hallucinogens to induce other worldly experiences is still a main theme. So is an understanding of the occult world. Pinchbeck's travels lead him to experience numerous shamanic initiations. The book is grounded in sound Jungian principles, and there is a sincere appreciation for the works of Rudolf Steiner that is expressed. Artful integration of alternative themes are employed that give credence to the experience of `Other' and awareness is created of imminent and drastic alterations for life on this planet that are just around the corner.

    "2012 -The Return of Quetzalcoatl" provides eloquent insight into the idea of the forthcoming global paradigm shift that many believe will occur around the time of the winter solstice, December 21st, 2012, the date that marks the end of the Mayan calendar.

    The book ends with no less than an encounter with the Aztec/Mayan deity, Quetzalcoatl, and a realization that the only hope for survival of whatever it is that the future holds involves a kind of syncretism or adjustment of belief systems that will allow for the recognition and integration of humanities' dark side. It is pretty heavy, but it is hopeful. You have to read the book to really appreciate it.
  • Grover - You Really Should Try ThisI wholeheartedly agree with David henderson's thorough, positive and bottom-line assessment of the nutribullet unit.

    I'll expand on the reasons why this is a very smart product from a biological and mechanical standpoint.
    It is a very very healthy food source, as healthy as the ingredients you put in the blender (unless you grind pits, which would make you sick), and it is a tough, easy-to-use (15 seconds to clean two parts),user-friendly smart product.
    The claim of increased bioavailability is certainly true, you eat more plant parts (stems, seeds) and get Way more of the plant broken down for biouse than chewing, before swallowing. But most importantly, and undeniably -- you get ALL the fiber, and that is the single most important aspect of this product -- the amount of uncooked, pulverized, fresh soluble and insoluble fiber that is easily delivered, ingested and tolerated.

    Bioavailability -- it delivers a high level of compounds. It can be made too strong, I put too much raw garlic and or onion in the first or second time and my kidneys hurt for a few hours, so I learned to tone the ingredients down, and the message was clear; like taking too many vitamins/supplements at the same time, I had put a lot of compunds in my bloodstream.
    That's really all you need to know -- you drink EVERYTHING, no wasting the pulp and all the vital fiber like a juicer, and the contents really are smashed into tiny tiny fragments, way better than anyone can come close to chewing.

    MECHANICAL: I checked my blender before I bought Nutri-Bullet at Wal-Malt for $100, and it was only 250 watts, vs NB at 600 Watts. I have owned one year, and it is a SOLID WELL MADE MOTOR UNIT. It looks and feels commercial-grade.
    Cleaning -- twice I resorted to this, although a damp towel each use is all that's usually needed --so I unplugged (obviously) and run it under water to clean -- it's just a plastic case around a beefy electric motor, no electronics, LET IT DRY COMPLETELY, and a day later it was good as new. That is the worst-case scenario. It's heavy, and quality. I regularly run it for over a minute, and it tolerates getting heated up well. Runs and sounds like the day I bought it.

    The Nutribullet cup screws easily into the the other one of the two parts you have to clean, the blades. The blade assembly gasket appears to be silicone based and can take a torquing. Here is what I have to say about preventing leaks SCREW BLADES TIGHT ENOUGH AND IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW FULL IT IS -- BUT DON'T DO THAT, BLEND, ADD MORE, BLEND, YOU GET MORE LIFE OUT OF BLADES, but the unit is so beefy I have crushed tomatoes down with the blades screwing on the blade unit and then it just tears through it without hesitation.

    But at my only cost: Today I seized the bearing in the blending blade unit after about 100 uses. It lists for $11 shipped, so I used the flat blade today -- and it's doing great.

    Bottom line: Very well-made machine that will dramatically boost your fiber intake and the best kind of natural nutrient intake. A complete win-win.

    Today I used the other blade with good results to blend a banana, apple (cored) handful blueberries,1/2 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup baby carrots, cup of swiss chard and avacado with water into a super smoothie!

    How many of you have gotten this much fiber today, or even close to these ntrients and health compunds? It's difficult with our busy lives to eat a fruit and veggie salad everyday, but this takes me 5-10 minutes including clean up and I have a meal to go.

    My experience -- I think it should be used every day. I have used several days a week for a year and think it will add years to my life. That simple. MY BP Cholesterol (fantastic with high HDL) BMI Fasting Blood Sugar all normal. Have been good always so i can't say a miracle... but slightly improved BP, it was trending the wrong way. And weight the same, lean. And transit time is about 12 hours, being regular is a blessing and healthy and almost no gas, it digests very easily. I feel great, my physical abilities are superior to most my age -- I'm running races and doing martial arts in my mid 40s. And I'm a pilot and I practice medicine and I'm in the military, so I have many opportunities to see my numbers viewed and reviewed and do objective performance measurements.
    I bought units for friends, especially appealing to a friend with Crohn's, and the elderly. It has also inspired me to grow more in my garden.
    I hope this helps.