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  • Diane Morris - It works!I am on day 12 and have lost 13 pounds. Using food, I am eating a lot! No pills shakes or constant workouts
  • J. Davis "Corabelle" - Great product.I had been using MS Money since 2001 without an upgrade. My bank quit supporting Money for a download. I had no other choice but to purchase this. The download was fast, inexpensive, and so much like the Money program I was amazed. It transferred all my files automatically and I begin at once updating my records. It is easy to use. The Quicken support team told me I had to first download an upgrade to my 2001 version, but I could do that free. Why did I wait so long?
  • JeanElaine "JeanElaine" - Adventure,Romance to rival Jack Sparrow on the High SeasToday I finished the Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, third book in the Outlander series. After I clicked my Kindle off button I sat there feeling as if I'd digested a huge multi course dinner. This is a very long book, over a thousand pages in print and 1751kb and I never tired of the story. That's saying a lot. As a speed reader, I've a bad habit of skimming but not with Ms. Gabaldon's books. The imagery and thrills, kept me riveted turning page after page. I didn't want to miss a word and at the end I wanted to let it digest. It's been a while since I'd read the first two books and I worried about picking back up the story line. A needless concern. In the Voyager, Ms. Gabaldon weaves a beautiful story that reminds the reader where Claire and Jamie have been in the past and leaves us satisfied at the end.
    In the Voyager, Claire, and her grown daughter, discover Jamie did not die in the killing fields of Culloden. Torn between staying with her daughter or traveling through time and space she finds a way to return to Jamie. Her adventures in a divided Scotland and a daring voyage into the unknown for the love and passion weave a spell binding story not to be missed.