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  • Lefty - Absolutely Fantastic!The last time I saw CSN live was in St. Louis, June 2009. They didn't get along on stage and the tension between them was palpable. That being said, I was dubious about what I would find on this DVD/CD combo set. Not only was I pleasantly surprised, I was blown away by the stellar delivery from the infamous trio. Stills in particular is over the top in his performance. He looked like he was having a blast. And those guitar riffs...incredible! Crosby and Nash are equally as talented. All three men really poured their hearts into the concert that night. Yeah, they're older. But if you're a fan of CSN then so are you. I'm sure the Lady Gaga crowd would guess Crosby, Stills, and Nash is the name of some law firm! And on a personal note, I'm glad that they're getting along once again. Whatever hurts have passed between them have seemingly healed over. They compliment each other generously on stage and in the interview portion of the DVD. Nice to see that happen. Anyway, drop the 17 bucks and buy this set. It's incredible. You won't be disappointed.
  • O. Buxton "Olly Buxton (@electricray)" - Vitriol tempered with redemption: The Floyd smell the coffeeWhat with the punk explosion, the late 70s must have been a tough time for prog-rockers - and none would have felt it worse than the kings of unfathomable psychedelic rock themselves, Pink Floyd. Well, think about it: as far as Joe Public is concerned, it's a flip of the coin whether you or the Callaghan Labour government are responsible for the Sex Pistols. Either way it doesn't look good for your prospect of selling any records. So is the goose finally cooked, then? Not quite.Step forward Roger Waters, a thoughtful and articulate - if irretrievably hung-up - man, and a man who must have been growing increasingly frustrated at being typecast as the progenitor of long albums peppered with infrequent, impenetrable lyrics (been "caught in the crossfire between childhood and stardom" recently, anyone?), lavish but inexpert keyboard knoodling and gifted but indulgent lead guitar work. (Readers may like to know I take a dim view of Wish You Were Here.)So Mister Waters calls a band meeting. He says, "alright chaps, now listen up: this time we're going to do it my way. David: crank your guitar up. Play urgent, driving, dissonant chords. Make your solos somehow less comfy - put some edge in there, make it discordant, really wind it up. Rick: less knoodling from you, please: just play a few chords and keep your mouth shut. Nick: go drive one of your racing cars. I'll call you when I need you. If I need you. Everyone: Here are the lyrics I've written. They're about pigs, dogs, sheep and Mary Whitehouse. It's a political allegory. There are forty five pages of them."Well, you can just imagine the curt stage whisper from D. Gilmour, can't you. Gilmour is known for his dry wit. But at this point, what remained of Waters' sense of humour had all but evaporated - he was shortly to get to the point of gobbing at fans in concert - so perhaps Gilmour saw the valour of discretion and kept his trap shut. And, like a general directing an army, Waters brooked no further argument. Animals was born. Ironic, really.Happily, the result is just what the doctor ordered as an antidote to "the malaise": an intense, urgent, driving album. In parts, it's (deliberately) ugly. But mostly, it's angry: Waters' invective is at his most stinging, and this time the targets (political and moralist figures amongst them) are thoroughly deserving of his ire. And suddenly, the Sex Pistols and the Floyd are on the same side of the fence again. You wouldn't read about it.Nevertheless, the record starts and ends on an unexpectedly reflective note - opener Pigs and its closing reprise are far more tender than you'd credit, and for that very reason I think the album itself works better than its more reknowned successors. Where both the Wall and the Final Cut transpire to be permanent downers, Animals has the scent of redemption about it.Not something you'd say about much of Roger waters' recorded output since, methinks.
  • Thomas Haufe - Great sound, great design, A+I spent over a month researching battery powered bluetooth speakers. The most important factor for me was sound quality, with portability and battery life as my next important factors. This speaker has excellent sound quality: nice well rounded sound (with great bass due to the dedicated subwoofer) and great max volume. I really was blown away at the quality.

    As a bit of background, I also purchased:
    -Soundfreaq SoundKick
    -Logitech Wireless Boombox
    -G-project G Boom

    and also tried in stores
    -JBL Kick
    -Jambox (mini)
    -many others

    The A33 really stood out as the best product. Both the Soundkick and the Logitech models have good quality when plugged in, but after unplugging and running on battery power the quality decreases. My second choice would have been the G Project G Boom (which I believe is only available from target) but it was a bit too large for my liking. Out of all these models, I liked the sound quality of the A33 the best.

    I highly recommend the TDK A33 to anybody doing their research on battery powered bluetooth speakers. Only disadvantage is that these are hard to find in stores so you can't try it out before you buy it (granted, Amazon does have a return policy). Feel free to contact me with any questions
  • CAD4ME - No complaints with this book - wow!!!new sw user's review was so maligning I was forced to buy the book out of curiosity. I can only surmise "new sw user" must have missed an awful lot of classes that a professor would have let a whole semester pass without observing a modicum of progress in new sw user from applying the teachings of Paul Trans books - possibly another motivation at play here.

    I was completely inexperienced in CAD design and was looking for an educational tool that would help me start a new career track and I had little money in order to accomplish the goal. I can thank "new sw user's" review for saving me a lot of time and money. Paul Tran the author, is obviously a very skilled person who has a very thorough knowledge of the workings of the Solidworks software. His clear instructions teach how to take the book examples and extrapolate that knowledge into every sphere of CAD design. After three months of following Paul Trans teachings I was able to take on complex designs that involved multiple part assemblies, one assembly has over 500 parts. It was the straight forward and concise instructions from this book that formed the foundation of a 3D CAD design education that helped me launch a new and now successful career.
    Part II - Advanced Edition is an absolute must have.
    You have composed a wonderful educational tool Mr. Tran, THANKYOU!!!!!!