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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: H7W Laval, Quebec

  • turtlex "turtlex" - A Great Book - Well Written and LivedI am tempted to run through a thread of adjectives describing how much I enjoyed this book, but I'll settle for "wonderful". Reading it was a wonderful experience.

    As a fan and frequent visitor to many National Parks ( including Glacier, which is featured here ) it was a real joy to read about the "behind the scenes" life of a TrailDog. A true slice of life.

    Obviously written by a woman who has lived and experienced the true outdoor life, a woman who has found love and appreciation among the trees and logging roads - this book grabbed me from the introduction and never let go.

    Any book that can describe the beauty of our National Parks back-country and the poetry in swinging an axe is an instant classic for me - and this book does just that.

    I strongly recommend this book - my only complaint was that I wish it were longer, I wish I could keep reading and enjoying the cadence and words of this author.

    If you have any kind of affinity for the outdoors, for our National Parks, then you won't regret a single second spent reading this title.
  • Renee D. - Pricy but very effective. Check Costco and Amazon both before buying.I used these after getting a water-borne illness while abroad and taking Cipro. Even after the initial sickness was cured, I kept having recurring awful stomach pains. My doctor said there wasn't much to do besides take probiotics, and recommended this brand in particular. I started feeling better after about a full pack, kept taking them for 3 months. Highly recommend. You can sometimes find them at Costco, but Amazon is often the best price.
  • McBride Boat Design Ltd - Still great after all these yearsYes, we all miss Roger and his wonderful bleak anti-war songs, but the magic is still there. Musically I think this rates with the best Floyd must be I'm still listening to it after 10 years. Mind you I'm still listening to Dark Side too, though not as often. Obviously the whole Floyd experience is to cerebral for some of the head bangers out there, but those of us who remember the release of Dark Side don't have to make any excuses for Division Bell. So its different....but its damn good.
  • cpa-golfer - Better than expected!!I ordered this as a gift, hoping that I would get in a golf bag everything he was wanting. I think I hit the jackpot....I even want to steal this bag for myself! It has the extra putter well, there's slots for every club, there's a grip to load the bag in and out of the vehicle, lots of pockets for easy access, tee storage, and it's a very "pretty" bag!!! Of course, I can't tell a guy it's "pretty", but it is!!! I can't wait for him to open this at Christmas! . . . . . and, by the way, I originally ordered this from a golfing website November 28.....when I still didn't get it on December 15 and never received a reason why, I cancelled the order and found it on Amazon even cheaper than what I had planned on paying, plus got free two-day shipping!! I should have jus ordered through Amazon to begin with!