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  • stuffed - I guess i mis read the title when I bought thisI have gastro intestional problems and i find my self often in search of a restroom to relieve my self. I thout this book title was "How to Avoid Huge S***s" I bought it to make it so I didnt have problems when the time came to poop.
    I guess I will sell it on ebay... the book not the poops.
  • Goffredo Puccetti "Atoms with consciousness" - Must readI am giving 5 stars to this book because it is a timely book. It is the book we need to read, discuss, comment and share *now*.
    Thanks to Mr Harris lucid approach, what was unthinkable becomes pretty much plausible if not obvious!
    The moral "authorities" who claimed for century total and exclusive expertise on morality, ethics and human values, are eventually silenced.
    It becomes obvious how no priest or rabbi or imam can claim more authority than a doctor or any layman on morality.
    Human values are not to be shaped by religion. Religion never had and (hopefully) never will have monopoly on morality.
    And yes, oh yes: there is a conflict between religion and science! S.J.Gould doctrine of non-overlapping magisteria was a poor attempt to hide the situation.
    Science has always had a lot to say about human values. Human rights move forwards thanks to the advances in science - I am shortsighted but the laws of my country grant me the RIGHT to have my handicap corrected with a pair of glasses. That was quite an unthinkable human right before Galileo's invention... : )
    We can and we must investigate morality as an approachable facet of human knowledge.
    Do a favour to yourself and people around you: read and share this precious book.
  • Pennysmom - My husband was thrilled with this bagI looked in several stores for new golf bag for my husband. This one is really good looking, light weight and seems very sturdy. A friend has an older model and this one corrected everything he did not like with his. The dividers are very heavy duty plastic and look like they will take lots of abuse. There are compartments for everything you could thing of. The price was fantastic, and it shipped very quickly too.