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  • roebles - Love this!!!!!!!We love love love our stroller; had recieved a used Graco travel system, and are using the infant car seat (free & is good for what it is, can't wait to get out of the infant size car seat tho) But we hated the stroller it came w/. Very heavy & bulky, took up whole trunk space. So we purchased this stroller. Our main concerns were, how much it weighed, compact fold, how much weight could carry (our 5yr old could get in this stroller) AND it's just perfect, love it! very easy to put together too. Love the bright red coloring. Basket underneath not very big, hard time putting my person under (medium size) & not for shopping purchases but will hold jackets and smaller bags. Love that front wheel locks, for jogging & love the extra large canopy, very functional depending on weather
  • Godsballs - Putting the Christmas back into ChristmasI've had problems with erectile dysfunction for years, but one read of Ms Palins go-get-em defence of good old patriotic Christmas values soon had me more virile than a stag on stag viagra or whatever it is they eat in Canada. The headboard got so out of whack I had to buy a book on woodwork, which while interesting in itself, offered no help in the bedroom department.

    So thank you Ms Palin, thank you. Not only will we be celebrating your kind of Christmas this year, but I'll be reading it again and again during our weekly nuptials because its frankly more interesting than the back of my wife's head.

    The perfect sticking filler. And the book is great too.
  • Skywalkerman - Unbearable anymore!I have been thinking about writing something since I got wind of the dispute resulting from the book. But there're too many things urging my attention, so I put it aside. Suzhou University is stirring again this month by 2 so-called official statements and legal threat, so it's unbearable anymore. I wrote the following message on bloomberg about 10 hrs ago regarding Adam Minter's Ping Fu's Book Isn't Worth Joe Nocera---Mr. Adam Minter has already blocked me on twitter.

    You don't know anything about ccp. The dispute about the book oringinated from an IMAGINARY post by an anonymous Lin on amazon. The battle was followed by Fang's speculative post, and that's the signal to attack. The anonymous Lin clearly either had no real experience of China in person or just wanted to glorify ccp China. As for Fang, he began to ruin his credit as late as 2008 when he had published Si manan's post and his own attacking the Universal Values.

    Fang don't know anything about law, but he pretends to be an expert at law. He has published an artical in a Taiwan newspaper in 90s, telling a story of his father, a head of the county's court of his hometown. He said in his story that the head of the county's public security bureau, his father's intimate friend and classmate in their political law training, was put into prison by the county in late 70s. Though that's ridiculous because the head of a public security bureau, the de facto most powerful figure, couldn't be easily removed and imprisoned by his collegues, Fang in his own mouth told a fact there's no rule of game in ccp China. Fang's latest ignorant challenge to the view of US embassy in China rebuking his blunder of what is called "crime" in the protest initiated on the white house website. I also posted my comment indicating his ignorance. BTW, Fang even don't know it's a kind of tree instead of bamboo in Chinese idiom "Break rather than bend" while he always acts as a master of Chinese culture criticising foreigners' ignorant Chinese.

    Up to the present, there's no close friend and/or classmate of Fu Ping claiming any err in Fu's book. All the negative comments come from pure speculation and/or cursing. Just read the negative comments on Amazon, their only aim is just to write a line cursing Fu----most from mainland China based on my analysis.

    As a matter of fact, amazon is not a place to publish one's speech. It's a place to comment the product you bought from there. I found the e-commerce site in China mainland, such as, 360buy, etc, prohibits any comment before you buy the product first. That's my discovery when I wanted to give a hint to the potential readers of Ezra Feivel Vogel's work when its simplified Chinese edition had been released in China since January of this year---I'm the first one rebuking in Chinese Vogel's work glorifing Deng and false historical fact in last May.

    As an old hand in law forcibly transformed into the greatest IPR Gladiator with Chinese characteristic from an MBA with US Characteristic by ccp's corrupt legal system in my 8 years war defending my Intellectural Property Rights against the most powerful opponents in the world, all Fu's horrible personal experience could be accepted based on widespread Circumstantial Evidences in China NOW.

    I posted several message rebuking the COUNTERFEIT Soochow University fabricating its history and even its school name in phony Mao's handwriting when it threatened to take Fu Ping to court in China and USA, and urged ALA to cancell its schedule of Fu Ping's speech on June 29. Soochow University is well-known for its common law education which was provided by its law school in Shanghai in the time of Republic of China. But ccp ruined the education system after its taking over China, there's been no such thing as Soochow University since then. The original one, established by American church, had been merged into Jiangsu Normal College, a hybrid dictated by ccp in 1952. Its law school in Shanghai became Eastern China College of Political Law---BTW, it's political law instead of politics and law.

    It's funny for Jiangsu Normal College to steal Soochow University as its English name. As early as 1978, the ccp had required all Chinese names be in Pinyin, a Chinese pronouncing system. Anyway it's reluctantly reasonable for the exceptions and privileges enjoyed by Peking Uni. and Tsinghua, but it's not the case for Suzhou University, just like ccp government couldn't trace its history back to 1911, the very begining of the Republic of China.

    Adam Minter argued there're such and such number of messages about Cultural Revolution on the microblog in China. That's absolutely not ccp's good will but no way to blockade messages in the era of internet. If Mr. Adam Minter really want to get insight into China, pleas just visit Feng Zhenghu of Shanghai, the one expelled from his hometown Shanghai and having to fight for 3 month before the ccp diplomat's presence in Narita Airport of Japan. Ironically, Snoden is following Feng's model now in Moscow.
  • Ricky & Shirlene - Cute, funny and inoffensive bookIs it cerebral humor? No, it's just a cute book, nothing more - it's NOT pornography and it's NOT insulting to women (or men), despite the few bad reviews here on Amazon. Most of the captions are so dumb, poking fun at stereotypes, but it's really funny - my husband even got a few chuckles. Share this book with your friends and have a laugh together.