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  • nowann - Good So FarI had a bad experience with an external hard drive before that failed on me within a couple months - would hear spinning and clicking but nothing would mount and all data was lost. It was with trepidation I decided to entrust another external hard drive with my valued data again. It's been nearly six months and so far so good. Everything seems to work as well and easy as the first day. I have no complaints.
  • Ashley - doubter proved wrongI cannot remember the last time (or if) I've written an amazon review. But this one was very important and I wanted to have another honest opinion on this product out there.

    First off, my cycles were very irregular and often too short. (So I can't attest to those who have long periods or regular.) I had one confirmed and other possible miscarriages within the last year and therefore had seen a fertility specialist. Though I was convinced that I was actually getting pregnant and not being able to maintain hormones until I could get a positive, my doctor thought otherwise. My problem (which I mention because you need to know what exactly was "fixed" by fertilaid) was that I am estrogen dominate, therefore decreasing my FSH hormone and potentially progesterone. She said though there was a small chance I could conceive on my own, I more than likely would not without help and she suggested artificial insemination and In Vitro. Because we don't exactly have thousands of dollars for attempting this, I sought out natural alternatives instead. I came across fertilaid and was bewildered by the differences in the 5 stars or 1 stars. Since I researched the ingredients and none of them seemed to cause any harm, I figured for myself it was worth the risk because what's the worst it could it do? Make my cycles more irregular?

    I started fertilaid after I ovulated on one cycle and continued for the beginning of my next. What do you know but on day 24 of that cycle I tested slightly positive (on the wonderful Wondfo strips which are the earliest I've seen). However less than 12 hrs later the positive was fading (yes I took them every so hours... and rightly so). I called my doctor right away and went in for blood test. Sure enough my HcG level was 20.5 (20 is pregnancy minimum to maintain) and progesterone was 13 where the lowest should be 16. I was put on progesterone straight away and have been able to maintain my pregnancy so far (8 weeks).

    I am convinced that what I thought was true, that I simply have not been able to maintain my progesterone in the past leading to early miscarriages. Therefore my only conclusion is that Fertilaid not only helped me get pregnant, but balanced my estrogen and progesterone long enough for a positive to be detected. Who knows? If I would have taken it longer I might not have even needed progesterone support? Though that's mearly speculation. All I can say for sure is, after 13 consecutive cycles the only month I got a positive was the one on fertilaid. I am now a believer. I even have an extra bottle for the next time we ttc.
  • mdoane - Very PracticalThis is my first Timbuk2 messenger bag and so far I absolutely love it. Many people like to say it is a man purse, but I really could care less. I love the bag's features. It seems like I find a new pocket every day. It keeps all my stuff organized and protected. I bought it mainly because I just got a macbook pro, and needed something to carry it in. The computer compartment is easily accessible. The bag is comfortable to carry for long periods of time. I would recommend this bag to anyone. It is durable and will hopefully be the last messenger bag I ever have to buy! Great Product, Very Practical and Stylish.
  • Krysten Linkous - Very helpful!I was a bit thrown off at first by the title. I hate that word Diet - and it only makes me think of non healthy eating (extremes). However - this is a great book - even if not to lose weight - to start a healthy lifestyle in general. She does not reccomend that you eat one single thing that could be bad for your body. All natural, all organic if possible, all wholesome foods that your body needs. And you are eating a LOT.

    Great tips for a lifetime of eating good foods.