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  • S. Parker - BUYING ANOTHER ONE TODAY! :)I must write this review, because I love this pillow that much.... My hubby got this pillow as a Christmas gift this year & I was like oh great, another "as seen on tv" item that we are going to never use. I was home a few days sick last week & I ended up grabbing this pillow & sleeping on it....and my hubby was nice enough to let me. THEN when I was feeling better he asked for it back & I had the hardest time sleeping on my regular was so sad. So now, I am off to Walgreens to pick up another one so I can sleep with it tonight! Would usually buy from Amazon because I love shopping on Amazon, but just don't want to wait for it to be shipped to me. :)

    We didn't notice the funny smell I read about in other reviews so not sure about that one. I will agree that we do have to throw it the dryer once in a while to "fluff" it back up....but I've never slept better. My hubby will be so glad that I'm not trying to steal his pillow anymore.
  • D. Buchnoff - Great guide for weight lossGreat Guide for Weight Loss the first one I received from my doctor so I ordered one for my friend
  • Peter Thatcher - This more than back pain: it's about correct posture, and this book is the best.I love the book, but the title is all wrong. It should be called "Fix Your Posture" or "What Posture is Supposed To Be".

    The book does a fabulous job of comparing Modern/Western/Adult posture to Ancient/Child/Asian/African posture. It does so with wonderful diagrams, clear descriptions, and lots and lots of great photos. The summary is that young children, ancient cultures, and some current cultures all have great posture, but adults in modern cultures, especially in Western cultures, have terrible posture. Most of my life, I've been sitting, standing, bending over, and even walking wrong! Here are some of the ways:

    * Walking and standing: Most of us hunch over. Sitting straight is correct, but we even do that wrong when we try because you have to get your hips aligned correctly first.

    * Bending over: Most of us bend our back, which is actually quite dangerous, especially when lifting. Keeping the back straight and bending the legs is better. Bending at the hip is even better.

    * Walking: This one is harder to explain, but most of us stick our legs forward and then pull our body forward, and a lot of our weight lands on our toes. It's better to push your legs back and keep the weight landing on your heel, like when you're skating.

    The key, as far as I can tell, is in the hips and shoulders. Once you get those right, everything else falls into place. I tried correcting myself before reading this book, just from reading things online, and it was a disaster. I made myself sore and tired.

    Now, I've been following the directions and excercises in the book. It took a few weeks to finally "get it", but now it seems natural to hold my body correctly. Although some muscles are sometimes tired (probably because I never used them before), I haven't experienced any real discomfort in the transition. I'm still working on many things, and have a long way to go, but I'm happy with the results so far.

    The change is subtle, but once you get used to correct posture, if you try and go back to incorrect posture, it feels akwards and even hurts.

    I never had any back pain, but I'm happy I've been able to transition to natural and correct posture thanks to this book. And, it will probably save me from future back pain that I would have experienced since it's so easy to hurt your back by bending and lifting incorrectly.
  • Danielle - Better for me 2nd time roundI am reviewing this after my second reading. I don't often re-read books, but wanted a refresher before getting into book 3.

    I have to say, I have enjoyed it more this time. The first time I read it, I think I wanted more of the same from Divergent. And I didn't get what I wanted.
    However, second pass, I see the quality in it. I see Tris suffering post traumatic stress, with the kind of behavior that comes after suffering so much trauma.
    I see the people around, also dealing with similar, reacting in the only ways they know how.

    Roth describes the collapse of an attempted utopia. The inherent badness of all of us creeping back in. The inability of people to see past themselves, and see the world from the outside. The inner secrets that frustrate the onlooker but make perfect sense to the person struggling. Humanity at its best and worst, very real.

    I am glad I re-read it, and can't wait to begin book 3 tonight.
  • jennifer paguada - Wipe New ReviewI purchased WIpe New a few months back to use on my car's plastic areas. These areas looked gray from being out in the sun and rain. Wipe New brought out the black in all the plastic materials outside my car like new again! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone experiencing this issue with their car's outer body parts.