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  • drohan00 "drohan00" - A man for our current time, I wish we had him.You need to read this book. To my knowledge, Coolidge is the last president who had a lower budget when he left office than when he entered. He was a true conservative leader. Current big government Republicans try to have their tax cuts without cutting anything from the government spending side of the ledger. Coolidge held the line on spending. He was a leader who led from the right, and developed an economic record that is unbelievably sound, perhaps the most sound of the 20th Century.

    Coolidge is presented as a human being. Many think of him as silent Cal. He was a human being though. He was maligned by the DC establishment, people like Alice Roosevelt Longworth, who claimed he had been weaned on a pickle. Yet he dealt with tragedy and scandal as a competent man. Reading about his fear of debt makes me wish that he was here today to help give the Republican Party some backbone on economic issues. And under Coolidge, the rich paid far more of the federal tax bill than the poor and middle classes.

    Coolidge as presented by Shlaes is a remarkable and overlooked president. Our nation is in an economic malaise. We are dealing with a government that is not moored to reality. We need to have some restraint, and Coolidge brought that to us in the 1920's. I have a federal register from 1926. It has only 138 pages and lists every federal employee and what he got paid at that time. Coolidge was a great man. He was a human being, with feelings and emotions, but he also had character and public support, because he knew how to work. He knew that the government had no business in the middle of everyday people's lives. He was a fine man. I hope you get this book and think what we could do. I hope every conservative and Republican in the House of Representatives and Senate read this as well.
  • Serena "S." - Cheaper than buying a new laptop!!After doing much research, reading a lot of reviews both here and on the Microsoft website I decided to take the plunge and download the upgrade, at a much cheaper price of $40 bucks. Even though I was wary of the massive amount of negative reviews, honestly I'm so glad I decided to make the change! My laptop, about 6 years old, is a Sony Vaio running "Vista" and was a nightmare to deal with. If I could avoid having to even go near my laptop I would, for days, even weeks on end. Startup took about 5 minutes (I finally timed it before upgrading), and everything ran so slow.

    This upgrade has given my laptop a whole new life! I don't get why people were so angry, and upset over not having a windows toolbar/start menu. Isn't that the main reason a computer would freeze anyways? Glad to have the clunky look gone, and this modern layout. I'm a minimalist so I deleted a lot of the pre-set tiles, only have what I need so there is less clutter. All of my files are still here, did not lose any photos/music/files at all! And in desktop mode, everything is still in its original place, so if you are feeling nostalgic to look at the old Windows view you still can.

    As far as the whole "adjusting" timeframe, took me less than 20 minutes. It's like pretending your laptop is a tablet or smartphone, which is awesome. Thanks Microsoft, you just saved me from having to buy a new laptop!! If you are on the fence and tired of your slow Vista running laptop I say go for it, you will be glad you did!
  • moi surtout - Help! This camera's permanently stuck to my fingers!I'm not a pro photographer, just an avid amateur wanting to take great photos for my blog.


    * It looks great! Don't pretend that's not part of the appeal. I like for the things I use every day to be beautiful. This camera looks good when you carry it and great when you leave it out. It simply invites you to pick it up and take photos.

    * It feels solid and well made. It's not as light as the smaller versions, but it's a kind of pleasant weightiness. I can still operate it one-handed.

    * The grip comes off; the camera can be used without it or with an optional larger grip. I love this, because I prefer to leave it off.

    * It may not fit in your pocket, but it'll probably fit in your regular bag. It's less conspicuous to use than a dslr, you're less likely to attract unwanted attention.

    * It produces images on par with some dslrs, without the bulk. Have a look at the Flickr group for this camera if you need convincing.

    * The touchscreen is a must-have feature you never knew you needed. It works beautifully for thumbing through photos and for focusing and taking pictures.

    * It focuses really fast. You touch the screen (or button) and it immediately clicks. I've gotten great shots I'd have missed with another camera.

    * The colors are vibrant. If you don't like that, there are plenty of art filters.


    * No articulated screen. Oh how I wish it had one!

    * I don't care about the lack of viewfinder, but I do care that the external ones available are ugly and expensive.

    * Price. It's worth the high price, but only just.

    * It's hard to put down. I can't bear to leave it at home, even if I'm not going anywhere interesting. What if I miss a good shot? And whenever I see the camera, I want to use it. Very distracting.

    If you're considering whether to buy this camera or a DSLR, you've probably read all kinds of technical stuff about sensor size and spent too much time squinting at comparison photos of wine bottle labels. I know, I've been there. I got loads of advice about what camera to buy, but the best advice I got was this:

    The best camera for you is the one you'll use.

    Buy the one that when you pick it up, you never want to put it down again. The specs matter far less than what YOU bring to the camera. Fancy features are nothing compared to what you can achieve through continually taking pics with a camera you love. For me, the E-P3 is one of those cameras.
  • Howard Nemerov - Top-Quality Support and Excellent Quality and FeaturesFor those who believe after-sales service is very important, please consider the following.

    As a former software developer myself, specializing in product support, I can attest that no large software program is perfect upon initial release. It's how well the product is supported after the sale that indicates the company's level of professionalism and expertise.

    I just got off the phone with Norton technical support. They called me to follow up on a chat session we had two days ago. This in itself indicates excellent service, but that's not the entire story.

    My wife had been having problems using Identity Safe, which was locking up Norton and Internet Explorer. There were also symptoms of Norton Internet Security (NIS) slowing our systems down, as other reviewers noted.

    When I ran Autofix (Support|Get Support) it returned with an error message telling me the installation was corrupt. From that window, it was easy to get into a chat-support session. First, we tried having tech support uninstall/reinstall NIS, which cleared up the error. (They can control your computer remotely, but only when given permission.) But after running Update, the error returned. I was then passed to a supervisor, who determined that there was a corrupted NIS file. He advised me to wait two days and see if the auto update downloaded the fix.

    That brings me to today. He called to see if they had fixed the problem. I ran Autofix, which detected and corrected the error by automatically downloading the fix. I ran Autofix again, and the problem was resolved. NIS seems to run faster now, too. I did the same for my wife's computer, which needed a restart, but her problems cleared up as well.

    I thanked him for being honest and admitting the problem was with NIS, because it would be challenging at best for me to determine differently had he said: "It's not our problem, but one of your other programs."

    For this honesty, and for taking the initiative to ensure our problem was resolved, I am giving NIS 2012 5 stars. We are happy with the product, which does all it was advertised to do. I have been running NIS for many years now, and haven't found a compelling reason to switch. This tech support experience only reinforces my decision to remain an NIS customer.