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  • Movie Maker "Rik" - An outstanding upgrade, ultra simple to install.Wow, for me this is quite an upgrade - I had the very dated '97 version on a home laptop - this is like going from a skateboard to a sleek, brand shiny new Corvette!

    The ease of use is key to me, and sometimes adding new software can be a chore, or in some cases a big problem. This was a BREEZE, with excellent instructions and logical steps. I mention this because some software assumes that one is ultra tech savvy to begin with. This was a super fast download, and install.

    I use MS Office at work ( 2010 version ) and this is similer, and just as easy to use. This might be a very welcome gift to someone, and something that would be used every day. I would not hesitate to suggest this one, it's really terrific! You will not be disappointed.
  • - Indispensable outside Europe and North AmericaWhen we visit my wife's village in Ghana, this is almost the first thing that we pack. Anyone travelling to the less developed parts of the world should take a copy - and leave it there with someone who can use it. This is probably the most widely used medical reference book in the world - it has been translated into 80 languages. Its simple language, clear explanations and illustrations make essential medical knowledge accessible to anyone with basic literacy. The diagnostic charts are very straightforward and make it easy for a lay person to distinguish between diseases which can be easily confused. The treatments described are completely appropriate for village conditions. There is considerable emphasis on preventative health care and on health education. Anyone familiar with village life in underdeveloped countries will acknowledge that this book is an extraordinary achievement. For those who complain that it is not relevant to the United States: the book was written for "those who live far from medical centers, in places where there is doctor". However there is plenty of information which *is relevant* to a North American audience, particularly the section on nutrition. Anyone backpacking or camping in the more remote regions of the US would benefit from taking this a long.
  • Terrence Aybar "cinemaparker@twitter" - Great backup solution500gb isn't necessarily a lot of space these days when you've got terabyte drives floating around out there but we're still at a time where 500gb is still worth a little something.

    -Very nice design. Simple and elegant.
    -Easy install
    -3.0 USB plus the option to get adapters to connect via Thunderbolt, Firewire 800

    -Install and registration seemed to take a little longer than necessary

    No big deal on the install/setup being as that you're only doing it at the beginning. It's small and easy to carry around with no power cords. Recommended.