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  • Ebonyeyes83 - I think I'm in love!!!

    This is by far the most informative and easiest breakdown of how the body stores and breaks down fat. I'm ready!!!! I'll be starting the program on Monday and I'm looking forward to a WONDERFUL, HEALTHY New ME!!!

    Thanks so much Haylie! I'll be reposting after I've finished the entire program.

  • Ryan - Do your fact finding

    I'll tell you what you want to know. First, don't expect results right away. Try using for a full month and then make your judgments. I can definately see results after a month and had others comment as well. Please understand that it is not for a receding hair line, only for balding on top. They say use twice a day, but I only use once a day at night before I go to bed. A family friend with a heart problem was told by their doctor not to use it, so if you have a heart problem, you might want to look into it. Overall, I'm very pleased.