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  • Linda Clarke "L.J." - Absolutely Fabulous!!I ordered this conditioner because my hair is wavy and very dry. I have tried so many products, but this is the best! This conditioner leaves my hair tangle-free and so healthy looking. It supercedes all other conditioners I have tried. I will be ordering the larger bottle soon, because I don't want to take the chance of running out. By the way, I love the fragrance too!
  • LMB - A must have for moms to be!Rather than blindly following the advice of doctors who assume I'm not intelligent enough to make personal choices, I now feel equipped to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery while eating sushi and drinking my morning coffee along the way! I picked up this book and read it in three days! I actually got it from the library but now feel the need to have my own personal copy so that I can refernce it:
    -if my doctor recommends bedrest
    -if my doctor recommends induction
    -if I want to check on what type of fish to eat
    -if I want to check if a medication is okay
    -when I write out our birthplan, etc.

    My husband and I were very entertained by the ridiculous research (or lack thereof) upon which many medical professionals base their recommendations! This book put me at such ease. A must have for moms to be!
  • marcus - Has really helped me prepare for my CPA examsI use this products online version and I think for the money this is the best deal that you can get for CPA study. There are a host of tools that if you utilize properly will help you achieve the goal of attaining your CPA. One caveat is that accessing the helpline is a little difficult but that's understandable given the price of the software suite.
  • Lori Bosley - more effective than other benzoil peroxide productsIt's true that the active ingredients in this product are similar to others you can purchase at any local store. I have adult acne, and believe me, I've tried them all. The Proactiv product clears the nastiest pimple overnight instead of over a week. I'll pay more for the quick result every time.